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SCHURTER develops and manufactures switches and buttons with micro switches, piezo elements, switches with mechanical latching, metal buttons and keyboards, and display elements.

Metal Line Switches

The latching and momentary action switches from the metal line are extremely rugged, feature top quality and attractive design. The piezo switches have a high lifetime of 20 million operations and are hermetically sealed according to IP 69K.

Printmount Switches

The printmount switches for PCB mounting of SCHURTER are available in various designs, as through hole or SMD assembly and gullwing or J connection. Variable color designs and letterings can be selected.

Frontpanel Switches

The frontpanel switches of SCHURTER are available with different switching functions, number of poles, colors and illumination. The rocker switch range of SCHURTER has different colors and illumination.

Public Transport Switch

The public transport switch is designed as a door pushbutton switch for use in public transportation such as trains, buses, trams and undergrounds.


SCHURTER provides both, LEDs in holders and holders without LEDs for PCB and panel mounting. Panel-mount holders are available with built-in reflector and optional built-in current-limiting resistor.

Metal Line Keypads

The metal line keypads are extremely resistant and meet protection classes up to IP 67 and IK 07. They provide high operating convenience, a pleasant touch and a wide range of design options. The piezo keypads are resistant to all types of contamination and liquids. Their completely metallic front panels make them absolute vandal-proof.


The suitable accessories to the SCHURTER products presented in the overview.

Customer Specific Switches

SCHURTER offers customer specific switches with different cord connections, specific materials, shapes, colors and indication.

General Product Information
Lettering Notes Metal Line
371.46 kB (PDF)

The general product information contains detailed information on product approvals, code requirements, technical details, usage instructions and detailed test conditions.

New Products


The PSE EX 16 family has been extended to include the PSE EX 19 and PSE EX 22 mounting diameter ...

The PSE HI (high impact) switches can now be delivered with raised symbols, letters and numbers ...

Metal Switch with extended illumination colours and integrated series resistor

Metal Line Switches with Multicolor illumination and variable input voltage. SCHURTER is expand ...