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SCHURTER Input Systems AG, Mellingen, Switzerland

“We support you in an early stage in the development of input systems to find the technical and cost-optimized solution for your application. Test us!”

–Peter Hädener, CEO SCHURTER Input Systems AG.


   • Lean Organisation for small to medium size volumes

   • Solutions up to Box-Built (Plug & Play) in membrane

    switches & resistive touchscreens

   • Fast and reliable production of front panels and housings

    with own mechanic shop and plating capabilities


SCHURTER Input Systems AG was founded on October 26, 1945 as Meierhofer AG. Anodized plates and front panels were produced until the early 80's. In 2001 SCHURTER acquired Meierhofer.

As one of the first manufacturers in Europe, we developed and manufactured membrane switches at the location in Mellingen. Until today, the input systems have evolved strongly from the mechanics to the electronics. Complete systems can be fully developed and manufactured in Mellingen.


SCHURTER Input Systems AG operates in the German speaking markets as a well-known manufacturer of Input Systems. As a service provider, we develop customized, technical- and cost-optimized Input Systems.

Our core competence in production is the mechanical integration and the manufacturing of input- and touch systems.

These systems are built in milled, punched and surface-improved housings and front plates. SCHURTER Input Systems AG takes care of your customized projects professionally and efficiently. We achieve very short delivery times with a constant, high quality.

Representatives and contacts

SCHURTER Input Systems AG

Ob. Bahnhofstrasse 13

5507 Mellingen

T: +41 56 48190 00



Deputy CEO, Sales

Erich Matter

, Deputy CEO, Sales


Sales Back office

Urs Wirth

, Sales Back office


Sales Back office

Marcel Staubli

, Sales Back office


Sales Back office

Franco Leucci

, Sales Back office


Sales Back office

Asmira Cervasio

, Sales Back office

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