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CE Marking

CE marking at a glance

A CE mark on your product is a visual mark of quality on an industrial nameplate, metal identification plate, machine plate, CE label or CE sticker, issued by a reliable expert body. It will be evident at a glance that the product is in line with CE standards.

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SCHURTER has a variety of materials and techniques available to achieve the right CE mark on your product, which can be used for any application. If need be, a CE mark can be (digitally) printed on aluminium identification plates, stainless steel nameplates, bronze or brass machine plates, CE labels or industrial inspection stickers. For an application in more demanding settings, exposed to chemicals or aggressive cleaning agents, we can laser, engrave, etch and/or paint the CE mark onto nameplates and machine plates.

Having a CE mark is important to instil in your customers a sense of your commitment to quality

The CE plate shows that the product concerned satisfies all applicable European regulations and demonstrates fulfilment of all compliance and conformity assessment procedures. From the perspective of these regulations, the CE marks on your products are an essential element in both your quality process and your sales figures. The CE label or the industrial CE identification plate serves as a guarantee of quality for the buyer of the product.

We will be happy to help you create the right design, logo and font

SCHURTER distinguishes itself by way of its extensive experience and a proactive service team. We

shall gladly advise you on achieving the right logo and font on your identification plate.

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