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Dome Labels

An exclusive look and feel with SCHURTER Doming Labels

Dome Labels lend your products a professional and exclusive image. By using a variety of materials, Dome Labels can be used on virtually any surface. Dome Labels from SCHURTER are resilient, robust and UV-resistant.

Dome Labels from SCHURTER give your pictorial logo added value and your product increased pulling power. With SCHURTER’s Dome Labels you will be able to boost your image and distinguish yourself from your competitors even more.

Benefits of SCHURTER Dome Labels

   Exclusive look and feel

   Unlimited options in terms of form and design

   Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage

   Resilient and robust thanks to flexible coating

   Can be applied to virtually any surface


   Suitable for both small and large print runs

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SCHURTER Dome labels - a magnetic foil for all applications

SCHURTER’s Dome Labels can be found in scores of applications and in a vast range of uses. The manifold technical and material options presented by these magnetic foil products enable our Dome Labels to be used as a pictorial logo for your application as well!

Dome Labels are a good alternative to the standard Vinyl Stickers. A Dome Label will allow you to enhance the image of your pictorial logo even more! SCHURTER’s Dome Labels have already ensured increased pulling power for customers and products in scores of applications and markets - from the bicycle industry to agriculture, from consumer products to industrial machinery.

Materials and Techniques

Create the best solution with Dome Labels

With SCHURTER’s Dome Labels you will have the advantage of being able to choose from an inexhaustible source of materials and techniques. White vinyl, transparent or coloured vinyl, polyester, PVC, magnetic foil or even metal - everything is possible. All these options can also be used partially cast!

SCHURTER’s Dome Labels are custom-made for each application. To this end a wide variety of techniques can be used. Embossing, printing, lasering, punching - everything is possible. The use of manifold different adhesive layers will enable you to use our Dome Labels on virtually any surface!

The best solution for your pictorial logo

In conjunction with yourself, SCHURTER can create the best solution for your pictorial logo. Our experience also makes combining multiple techniques a strong possibility, resulting in even more pulling power!

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