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Structure Division Touchscreen solutions Structure Division Touchscreen solutions

Projected capacitive touchscreens (PCAP)

If you are looking for a modern look and feel, Projective Capacitive Touchscreens (PCAP) is the product for you. Projected Capacitive Touchscreens allow you to switch by touching glass. Glass is the state of the art interfacing surface. Within SCHURTER we have state of the art facilities to screen print glass. With the PCAP technology, a new set of features has become available for you. You can now use multi-touch up to 10 fingers and start adding gestures and swipe functions into your applications, such as gestures which we also use commonly on our mobile telephones and tablets. The SCHURTER group is investing intensively in this technology. New glass printing equipment and state of the art laser ablation equipment are available within the group. All these investments will result in a fast proto product and cost effective production supply. Our Dutch facility is one of the only factories in Europe making PCAP touchscreens from the drawing board to your proto product in a short lead time.

In our industries we are used to the combination of membrane technology and resistive touchscreens. These combined technologies integrated in one front panel are still very popular and used daily in our production. With the introduction of capacitive switching these popular combinations have become available with PCAP touchscreens. New features are also available with capacitive switching. What about using sliders and wheels in your products? Features we once couldn’t think about with resistive touchscreens and membrane switches are now also available to you. You can contact your SCHURTER representative to discuss your requirements for combined touch and switch products, on a bespoke glass surface design. This would upgrade your product to an attractive competitive touchscreen solution.

Benefits of PCAP Touchscreens from SCHURTER are:

   • Multi-touch(single, dual, 5 and 10 finger multi-touch)

   • High optical transparency and visibility

   • Durability

   • Low maintenance

   • No recalibration

   • Easy to clean

   • Requires low activation force

   • Hand palm rejection

   • Wide range of sizes sensors available (3,5”- 24”)

   • Optical Bonding possible

   • Excellent glove operation

   • Water detection

   • EMC resistant

Learn more about the features SCHURTER’s solutions offer.


Each projected capacitive solution is an integrated development of touch sensor, controller, housing and display. The sensor is designed specifically for the chosen controller. If necessary, the controller can be tuned for your application, housing and display. Hence the importance of integration knowledge and experience from the solution provider.

SCHURTER is specialized in designing integrated PCAP solutions for its customers. Based on our knowledge and experiences we advise our customers about the optimal choice.

The controller choice is based on the required features

and industrial or medical requirements such as:

  -  The number of fingers operating the touchscreen (multi-touch)

  -  Water resistance

  -  Hand palm rejection

  -  EMC requirements

  -  Usage of gloves

Each controller is programmed to fit the connected sensor. Controllers of the same type are not automatically interchangeable. Each sensor is paired with its own controller. SCHURTER has various well know controllers in its program.


Each PCAP Touchscreen consists of three major elements: the cover lens, the touchscreen sensor and the controller. The touchscreen sensor is laminated or bonded directly behind the cover lens and will be operated in front of the display. SCHURTER has a wide range of sensors available which are suitable for most common displays. Out of this range we also offer many standard sensors without any extra tooling charges. For customized touchscreens we can design a sensor especially for your application.

SCHURTER has different sizes of PCAP sensors available. Below you will find the sizes, active area, tail length and display ratio per sensor. If you would like to have a drawing of a particular sensor, please do not hesitate to send us a request via the link mentioned below.

Available Danielson sensors:

Diagonal   Part number    Active Area    Tail Lenght    Display ratio

7.0"              T0286-44       156. x 95.0              100                16:10

8.4"             T0141-44      174.0 x 132.0             100                 4:3

10.4"            T0074-44      212.0 x 159.5            100                 4:3

10.4"           R8938-44      212.0 x 159.5              41                  4:3

12.1"             T0192-44      248.0 x 186.5            100                 4:3

15.0"           T0075-44      304.0 x 228.0            100                  4:3

15.0"           R8989-44     304.0 x 228.0            100                  4:3

15.6"           T0350-44      348.0 x 197.0             100                  16:9

17.1"             T0193-44      386.0 x 219.0            100                 16:9

18.5"           T0279-44      414.6 x 235.2             100                 16:9

19.1"             T0121-44     380.0 x 308.0            100                  4:3

21.5"            T0433-44    480.0 x 271.5              100                 16:9

22.0"           T0167-44      478.0 x 300.0            100                 16:10

Available AMT sensors:

Diagonal  Part number    Active Area     Tail Lenght  Display ratio  Surface finish

8.4"          1060.0230       178.40 x 135.80         49.5                4:3                    OCA

8.4"          1060.0231       178.40 x 135.80         49.5                4:3                    clear

8.4"          1060.0319       178.40 x 135.80         49.5                4:3                Decorglass

10.4"         1060.0232       211.03 x 158.42         49.5                4:3                    OCA

10,4"         1060.0233       211.03 x 158.42         49.5                4:3                    clear

10.4"         1060.0309       211.03 x 158.42         49.5               4:3                 Decorglass

10,1"          1060.0226       222.96 x 141.60        49.5                4:3                    OCA

10,1"          1060.0227       222.96 x 141.60        49.5                4:3                    clear

12.1"          1060.0244       252.00 x 190.50        49.5                4:3                    OCA

12.1"          1060.0245       252.00 x 190.50        49.5                4:3                    clear

15.6"w       1060.0246       350.23 x 199.54        49.5               16:9                   OCA

15,6"w       1060.0247       350.23 x 199.54        49.5               16:9                   clear

18.5"w       1060.0250       413.60 x 234.20        49.5               16:9                    CA

18.5"w       1060.0251       413.60 x 234.20         49.5               16:9                   clear

18.5"w       1060.0321       413.60 x 234.20         49.5               16:9               Decorglass

21.5"w       1060.0253       483.20 x 274.70         49.5               16:9                   OCA

21.5"w       1060.0254       483.20 x 274.70         49.5               16:9                   clear

21.5"w       1060.0322       483.20 x 274.70         49.5               16:9               Decorglass

24.0"w       1060.0256       537.36 x 304.89        49.5               16:9                   OCA

24.0"w       1060.0257       537.36 x 304.89        49.5               16:9                   clear


Each touchscreen sensor requires a cover lens. The sensor itself is a flexible polyester substrate not suitable to use directly as the touch surface. The touchscreen sensor contains a clear optical adhesive (OCA). With this adhesive we laminate the touchscreen onto the cover lens. On request we also provide glass based sensors. The SCHURTER factories are equipped to also optically bond a glass sensor to a cover lens. For more information about optical bonding, please click here:

The cover lens is the actual surface you operate. Cover lenses can be made of Glass, PMMA or polycarbonate. Glass is the most common and the most used material as a cover lens. Within SCHURTER we have state of the art facilities to screen print glass. Glass characteristics are anti-scratch and have easy-to-clean properties. Also, fingers can slide on glass smoothly. The cover glass size can be bigger than the touchscreen size; this allows company or product logos to be directly printed on the cover glass. Using glass many extra parameters are required to produce the correct cover lens for its specific application. Options are anti-glare, glass edge treatments and hardening of glass. The SCHURTER specialists can assist you further in this selection process. contact us

Lamination process

The flexible polyester film based PCAP sensor will be laminated via optical clear adhesive (OCA) behind the cover lens. For this process, we use self-designed turn-table laminating machines in our cleanroom. The cover lens is placed on the hard moveable side of this table and held tight by using vacuum force. The sensor is placed on the other soft side of the turntable. Once both positions are correct and controlled by a camera system, the turntable moves the cover lens with a small remaining gap over the sensor. Behind the soft side under the sensor, a roller starts to press and laminate the sensor to the cover lens under a constant speed and force. This is followed by storage in Autoclave machines to eliminate the smallest air bubbles at the edge of the printing on the cover lens.


The SCHURTER Projected Capacitive Touchscreens have several outstanding characteristics and specifications.
Please refer to these documents for more information:


PCAP touchscreens are very suitable in environments where a modern look to equipment is required. The cover lens of the glass gives a state of the art look to your touchscreen product. PCAP solutions from SCHURTER Input Systems are the optimum solution to meet your requirements. In addition to developing the complete system to resist scratches, impacts, vandalism and dusty environments, we also have solutions to resist harsh cleaning fluids. The solid state touchscreen and controller provide high levels of reliability and longer life expectancy. This results in a drift free response and a low maintenance unit that requires no recalibration.

Examples of applications PCAP

  -  Medical & Laboratory: Dialysis equipment, imaging equipment, laboratory process systems, etc

  -  Control & Automation: HMI Control Panels, Roboting milking systems, control units for heavy machinery, etc.

  -  Building Equipment: Access control systems

  -  Agriculture & Foresting: Control systems in heavy duty vehicles

  -  Other through-glass applications

       POS, Point of sales, Kiosk Systems

       POI, Point of information

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