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Beleuchtung Beleuchtung

Specific Product Adaptation for Illumination Systems

SCHURTER supports its partner not only with single components. They will take care for the whole life cycle from the development to the manufacturing.

From the idea to the production

Schurter Solutions supports several process steps during the product live cycle.

The Solutions unit has access to all of the SCHURTER component know-how as well as the manufacturing expertise: from the development to production, assembly and testing and with validation of the components. The proven manufacturing structures of the various production locations are taken into account and can be used optimally by the customer.

SCHURTER has been known as a supplier of high quality EMC products for many years. The entire fixed and mobile testing infrastructure can be accessed for customer projects. We bring the full range of our extensive knowledge and years of experience to the customer-specific solutions.

The essential process for the control and monitoring of the product life cycle for components and complete modules is practiced at SCHURTER. We use the latest software platforms to provide active support to the customers from the development to industrialization to phase-out and inform them about critical components.

SCHURTER‘s high quality and extremely versatile mechanical equipment is exceptional. Mechanical processing, surface finishing, parts production, production of injection molded and stamped parts, in-house toolmaking, automation as well as building assembly systems are some of our core processes. The latest 3D-printers are used for prototype building.

In close cooperation with the customers SCHURTER develops, produces and markets input systems, touch screens and touch panels, capacitive keypads, membrane keypads as well as housing and operating systems. The different design versions create a broad range of applications in a wide variety of industries.

From innovation management to product development and the series maturity phase of mechanical and electronic modules to software solutions and assembling: the Solutions Team has all the development departments and environments of the global SCHURTER Group at its disposal. If necessary, we expand our capabilities through external partners.

The SCHURTER GROUP feels right at home in the electronics field: electronics is the company’s core manufacturing activity. In this discipline we operate as experts at the highest level. Our customers benefit from this expertise during development and production as well as during the testing and approvals of electronic components.

SCHURTER excels especially with its interdisciplinary skills and know-how spanning the entire spectrum of industrial applications. Within this scope we view ourselves as highly competent developers and manufacturing service providers (EMS) – working closely with our customers and selected partners.

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    Project Management

    From the project idea to the series introduction and the complete product lifecycle: SCHURTER assumes responsibility for unified project management. Customers, production plants, partners and suppliers collaborate as interconnected teams regardless of location.

  • Wertstromanalyse

    Production Concept

    SCHURTER has extensive manufacturing structures in Switzerland, Eastern Europe and China. Based on value stream mapping, we develop production concepts with the aim of a sustainable increase in the competitiveness of our customers. Consistent lean management at all sites ensures high process reliability and guarantees availabilities.

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    Innovation begins with our customers. At SCHURTER Solutions we support it effectively from the idea to the realization with our broad-based development competences and our extensive know-how in the fields of mechanics, input systems, EMC, electronics or the integration of complex systems. Comprehensive laboratory facilities and the fast creation of prototypes guarantee efficient product development so that our customers can achieve an early and successful market presence.

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    Obsolescence Management

    An assembly line standstill because of the unavailability of components should be prevented at all costs. SCHURTER is a member of the industrial association COG and works with selected databases and cutting edge software to guarantee the customers central supply security in a wide variety of markets.

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    Production Relocation

    Dynamic markets require dynamic processes. We access the complete manufacturing structure of the SCHURTER Group to manufacture customer- specific products at the ideal location. Taking into account the TCO (total cost of ownership), we prepare production and logistics scenarios and reduce the detectable risks through redundant manufacturing structures.

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    KAM / Stewards

    The range of development and manufacturing capabilities as well as products allow us integrated access to our customers. SCHURTER’s long-term objective and our daily motivation is to build and expand a reliable partnership with our customers in order to operate jointly and successfully in the market and continue to grow.

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