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SCHURTER, Inc. will be closed on 25th December, 2014 and will remain closed until 2nd January, 2015. All confirmed orders with ship dates scheduled during this time will ship by 23rd December, 2014. SCHURTER AG will be closed from midday on 24th December and will remain closed until 2nd January, 2015.

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Use the selection fields below to specify wires (color, gauge and length) and terminal types. A wire configuration can only be selected for SCHURTER products. Please allow 5 days for quoting and 10 days for sample delivery.
Information Wire Harnessing Service 54.75 kB (PDF) 
Type [?]
Selected typedata sheet DC12
You may want to define a specific variant upon its parameter
2) Pre-assigned terminal configuration for connector back end
Terminal L [?]
Terminal N [?]
Terminal PE [?]
Order Number

3) Wire terminal to be attached to connector part
A wire harness can only be configured to a selected SCHURTER part
Wire terminal L [?]
Wire terminal N [?]
Wire terminal PE [?]
4) Wire type and color
Wire size L [?]
Wire size N [?]
Wire size PE [?]
Wire color L [?]
Wire color N [?]
Wire color PE [?]
5) Wire length
Wire length L in mm [?]
Wire length N in mm [?]
Wire length PE in mm [?]
6) Wire terminal open end
Wire terminal L [?]
Wire terminal N [?]
Wire terminal PE [?]
If you do not find the terminal type in the list of options, please enter specific details in the comment box below. (Please define housing, crimping an pinning in detail to assure a proper quote)
7) Specific requirements

If you have additional requests or different requirements from the above mentioned options, please provide us with further details, and include a specification if available. Send to:

Initial date
Target date for sample
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