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Series: FMAC ECO

Ultra compact and efficient 1-stage filter in ECO design for 3-phase systems

9 Variants

Approvals and compliances

Description FMAC ECO


  • High attenuation value



  • VDE Certificate Number:: 40028851
  • UL File Number:: E72928
Date Category Subcategory Title Download

Rated Current

16 - 150 A @ Ta 40 °C

Rated voltage

The electrical characteristics describe the approved operating values for the state of rated current and rated voltage considering the mentioned conditions.

General information on electrical characteristics colors of fuses

Ratings IEC, UL/CSA
General information on the rated current and the rated voltage at EMC products

Rated Voltage
Rated current
The values are different depending on the approval body and therefore are referenced in the corresponding admission cards for the respective product families. Details about the approvals and ratings are listed in the data sheets.

Search approval information for different families


480 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Approval for

Approvals indicate the conformity of the products with the national testing institution requirements by listing of the relevant approval logos.

appr =
The link leads you to the search mask where you can query for certificates of the selected products.

Detailed information about Approvals will be documented in the general product informations.

Details about Approvals

16 - 150 A @ Ta 40 °C / 480 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Overload Current

1.5 x Ir

Leakage Current

The leakage current is an electric current flowing in an undesirable current path. In EMC filters this is done by the applied Y-capacitors, which are used for noise suppression. Information on the amount and classification of leakage currents are explained in detail and are listed in the data sheets.

Leakage Current

< 15 mA (440 V / 50 Hz)

Dielectric Strength

Information abou the maximum permissible voltage, to avoid a voltage breakdown due to insulation damage.

Dielectric Strength

480 VAC:
> 2.25 kVDC between L-L
> 3 kVDC between L-PE
Test voltage 2 sec

Number of Filter Stages

Quality of a filter



1 - 7 kg

Material: Housing


Sealing Compound

UL 94V-0 


Screw-on mounting on chassis, upright or lengthwise


AMP = standardized connector systems and contacts
Abbreviation for "Zero Insertion Force". The so-called ZIF connector takes the flexprint cable without effort, mostly with locking. The advantage of this connector is the gentle treatment of the pin

Bolts and nuts 

Operating Temperature

-25 °C to 100 °C

Climatic Category

Disposition of components in categories for the assessment of mechanical and electrical properties.

Climatic Category

25/100/21 acc. to IEC 60068-1

Degree of Protection

Disposition of components in categories for the assessment of mechanical and electrical properties.

Climatic Category

IP 20 acc. to IEC 60529

Protection Class

Class I: with ground; Class II: without ground

Detailed information relating to protection class can also be found in the general product information

Innsulation cover

Suitable for appliances with protection class I acc. to IEC 61140


The term MTBF is the English acronym Mean Time Between Failure and describes reliability of a component. The operating time of a system can be calculated based on thementioned value of the component. - The higher this value, the more reliable the component.


> 200'000 h acc. to MIL-HB-217 F


Picture(s) Selection of product pictures to display a specific variant of the type


Type Corresponds to a product series and includes various distinct variants. On the type of descriptive data are summarized, eg in the data sheet

Order Number

Order Number Unique part number for placing an order

Configuration key

Configuration key The configuration key of a product consists of the composite key values, which describe the different kinds of attribut distinction.

Model Description

Model Description Abbreviated description of the CAD model


IGS Also mentioned as IGES ( Initial Graphics Exchange Specification). Common program indipendent interchange format for 3D CAD data.


Step Also mentioned as STEP ( Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data). Common program indipendent interchange format for 3D CAD data standardized according ISO standard.


Parasolid Parasolid modeling kernel is a 3D CAD systems. It is developed by a separate business unit within the Unigraphics Solutions (UGS), now Siemens PLM Software.


DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) is a specified by the Autodesk file format for CAD data exchange, and was developed for the 2D-CAD program AutoCAD. A DXF file describes a CAD model as plain text to the ASCII standard.

FMAC-091G-H110 FMAC-091G-H210
FMAC-091C-1610 FMAC-091C-2510
FMAC-091D-5010 FMAC-091D-5510
Case 1C

1) Line
2) Load
Case 1D-6

1) Line
2) Load
Case 1D-10

1) Line
2) Load
Case 1E

1) Line
2) Load
Case 1T

1) Line
2) Load
Case 1G

1) Line
2) Load


1) Line
2) Load

Technical data to the filter components

Rated Current [A] L [mH] C1 [μF] C2 [μF] C3 [μF] R1 [MΩ] R2 [MΩ] Filter-Type
110 0.55 6.6 6.6 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
150 0.48 6.6 6.6 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
16 0.55 2.2 2.2 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
25 0.45 2.2 2.2 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
36 0.57 2.2 2.2 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
50 0.65 4.7 3.3 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
55 0.75 4.7 3.3 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
64 0.55 4.7 3.3 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version
80 0.55 4.7 4.7 3.3 1 1 Industrial Version

Attenuation Loss

16A (FMAC-091C-1610)

25A (FMAC-091C-2510)

36A (FMAC-091D-3610)

50A (FMAC-091D-5010)

55A (FMAC-091D-5510)

64A (FMAC-091E-6410)

80A (FMAC-091T-8010)

110A (FMAC-091G-H110)

150A (FMAC-091G-H210)

Rated Current  @ Ta 40°C (75°C)  [A] Characteristic Rated Voltage [VAC] Order Number

The link on the respective order number refers to a separat tab with specific detailed information .

This assures better readable information of the selected product.
Change to the tab All Products in order to show details of another variant.

This approach offers to use generic alias link to the product details:

www.schurter.xx/art/ [Order Number]

where the following variables are used:
- xx is the country specific domain
- [Order Number]

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16 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091C-1610  A  ...
25 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091C-2510  A  ...
36 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091D-3610  A  ...
50 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091D-5010  A  ...
55 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091D-5510 ...
64 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091E-6410  A  ...
110 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091G-H110 ...
150 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091G-H210 ...
80 High attenuation 480 FMAC-091T-8010 ...

Most Popular.

1) Nominal leakage current acc. to IEC60950 - 5.2.5. under normal operating conditions. Note: worst case leakage current acc. to IEC60950 - Annex G4 (situation with two interrupted lines) can be much higher.

2) Maximum conductor cross section (wire gauge) to be used; a comparative table for AWG and mm² values can be found in the general product information www.schurter.com/emc_info

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