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Customized HMI is the solution to make old devices look new again with PCAP/capkey

At SCHURTER we offer fully customisable HMI solutions, turning your old devices into modern and easy to use products. In the article below we look at the reasons why your business may need to look at upgrading the look and feel of your older devices.

Your business has been using the same Point of Sale machine for the last 30 years, it still works perfectly well but the appearance looks dated. You don’t want to invest in a complete new product as the technology behind the old device isn’t broken, the technology has remained virtually unchanged and it will be costly to the business. Instead the device just needs a face lift.

PCAP technology is becoming evermore popular, from supermarket self-service tills to parking meters. The development over the years has seen physical buttons being replaced with multi-touch touchscreens, providing the end-user with simplicity and ease of use. The appearance of PCAP technology is also beneficial as customers are familiar with the technology thanks to products such as the iPhone.

So, what if we could simply upgrade your old machine and have the very latest operating panel techniques implemented with a customized box-build drop-in panel?

One that your service engineers can simply put in and that is plug-and-play designed for your machine?

SCHURTER is the ideal partner for a range of HMI Solutions. Specialising in membrane switches, resistive touchscreens, capacitive touchscreens and PCAP. All of our products are fully customisable and are all manufactured at one of our manufacturing sites within the SCHURTER Group. We work alongside our customers starting at the design phase right through to post production. By working with our clients at an early stage enables us to create the ideal solution for your business.

To find out how SCHURTER can support your business needs, contact us.

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