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High-End-Compact 3-Phase 2-Stage EMC Filter

SCHURTER expands its filter product portfolio, introducing power line filter series FMBC NEO for 3-phase-systems and FMBD NEO for 3-phase-systems with neutral.

The FMBC NEO 3-phase filters are arranged for use with 3x 277/480 VAC and 3x 300/520 VAC installations and the FMBD NEO 3-hase filters with neutral are arranged for use with 3x 300/520 VAC intallations. The FMBC NEO filter is available from 7A and the FMBC NEO filter is available from 8A.

These new compact EMC filters in NEO design are especially suited for use in drive systems, engineering installations and places where frequency inverters cause electromagnetic disturbances.

With these new 3-phase power line filters, SCHURTER focuses on effective EMC solutions.

The series has UL Approvals. Approvals to ENEC have been applied for.


prod //cdn.schurter.com FMBC-NEO-61913-132010