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SCHURTER GmbH receives award as best electronics supplier in the logistics competition at Siemens Karlsruhe

On January 16th 2018, Siemens Karlsruhe organized an award ceremony for the electronics suppliers' logistics competition. SCHURTER was awarded as best electronics supplier in the logistics competition.

SCHURTER GmbH supplies Siemens Kalsruhe with both, the resistive and PCAP touch panel series, which incorporate the metal housings in 6 different sizes (7 "- 22"). These touch panels are used in Industrial PCs. The business location of Siemens Karlsruhe includes a centre for processing, production and building automation as well as industrial service.

Siemens Karlsruhe has over 800 suppliers, of which 20 are key companies. This includes SCHURTER GmbH who was invited to enter the logistics competition. The performance of the entire supply chain was assessed for these 20 suppliers. Issues such as on-time delivery, inventory control, continuous product supply and reject management all represent important aspects of this evaluation.

SCHURTER GmbH was awarded as best electronics supplier. SCHURTER is very proud of this prominent position since SCHURTER supplies customer-specific products and was the only company to receive an award for the fourth time, which reflects the continued reliability of our logistics performance.

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