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Configurable Input Device CDS1

SCHURTER is launching a new generation of intelligent input systems with capacitive touch technology. The intuitive operation with a finger stroke, wipe or rotation on the touchscreen corresponds to that of a smartphone. It meets the taste and the wishes of the customers.

Freely configurable

The user can decide what is displayed or activated in the case of wiping on the bright, round OLED display and the home LED. Hard image change, gentle fade-in and fad-out - it has absolute creative freedom. All functions are freely configurable.

The same freedom is enjoyed with regard to the glasslayout. Any symbols on the softkeys can be realized. The visual appearance can also be further customized by means of an aluminum decorative ring.

Intuitive operation makes the difference

Machines simplify our daily lives in many ways. In order for this to work smoothly and the machines are not so complicated as to put us in front of insurmountable hurdles, the human-machine interface must be kept as simple as possible.

This human-machine interface must be adapted to the abilities, requirements and characteristics of the users and the tasks to be done. The following points should be given priority here:

• Intuitive operation thanks to few, clearly recognizable input possibilities

• Clear feedback from the interface that input was correctly detected

• Logical, human-minded menu structure

• Information must correspond to human absorption capacity

In the practical application, the device developers, of course, still have quite different points. It requires, for example, the following properties for the interface:

• Fast design-in process

• Input and display system in a single unit of compact space

• Standardized interface

• Low cost and suitability for serial production

• Customized adaptations in design, technology and production




SCHURTER是全球领先的电子电气元件制造商, 也是一家与时俱进的创新型企业。我们的产品旨在确保安全、清洁的电力供应,同时致力于提高设备的易用性。


SCHURTER 产品目录是SCHURTER 整个产品系列的概述,是一本方便且简单的参考指南.

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