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OGN_SMD_SGE_GS_PG02_Sicherungshalter_Fuseholder_Block_Clip OGN_SMD_SGE_GS_PG02_Sicherungshalter_Fuseholder_Block_Clip


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Snap-In fingergrip fuseholder for fuse-links 5 x 20 and 6.3 x 32 mm

Snap-In fingergrip fuseholder for fuse-links 5 x 20 and 6.3 x 32 mm

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SCHURTER fuse holders are safety-relevant components and are suitable for the use of fuse inserts in electrical and electronic devices.

SCHURTER offers the world's broadest range of open and closed fuse holders.

In addition, fuse holders are also offered in the form of fuse drawers, which guarantee a safe and simple power supply to the devices in combination elements with IEC 60320 device connectors.

Product attributes

• Holders for a wide range of diverse fuses

• Variants to use on SMD or THT and as panel mount

• Screw-in, snap-in, soldered or mountable on DIN-Rail

• Models are standing or lying or are designed as drawer or as clip

• Compact designs even for high power consumption

• IP protected referred to IEC 60529 against the ingress of water and solid objectives and against electric shock (against direct contact with live parts)

• Categories of protection against contact according IEC 60127-6

Our broad knowledge is available to support you to choose the right fuseholders also in terms of power consumption and operating temperatures.

New fuseholder standard IEC 60127-6

The fuseholder standard IEC 60127-6 has been revised with the aim of improving fire protection. Accordingly, Edition 2.0 has been set up in October 2017 and all fuseholders placed on the market have to meet these new requirements.

The requirements are based on the already valid household appliance standard IEC 60335-1, which requires in particular increased resistance to glow wire for unattended electrical appliances. Tests of devices with built-in fuseholders have shown that their installation position has a major influence on heat generation and fire development.

Glow wire resistance

The glow wire resistance test is carried out in accordance with IEC 60695-2-12 and -13. It essentially examines the extinction or re-burning of the plastic material used to hold power-carrying components.

Color changes

The change of a plastic material is accompanied by various changes to the component. The changed and stricter requirements of the applicable standards not only result in technical changes, but also change the appearance of the plastic parts. Slight differences in colour for glow wire resistant plastic parts are primarily due to the absence of halogenated flame retardants.

SCHURTER strives to keep the effects of a material change for the customer as low as possible. However, the restriction of the choice of material leaves little room for the consideration of slight colour differences.

Identification / batch date

All product variants that have been modified during production are listed in this overview table. The production batch date from which the new configuration was delivered is also listed here.

This batch date is also listed on the packaging label (included in the barcode). This makes it possible to visually identify whether the products in the packaging have been tested according to the new standard. The batch data information can also be read into inventory management via the barcode.

Cross Reference Fuse holder

Thanks to a broad range of products, SCHURTER is in a position to offer replacements for a competitive product that does not (yet) meet the new fuse holder standard.





SCHURTER的产品与服务符合最高质量要求,因为SCHURTER应用了质量-环境-安全管理系统,如ISO 9001、ISO 14001、 ISO 45001、六西格玛方法和EFQM卓越模型。所有产品均实行国别测试标签,如德国电气工程师协会(VDE)、欧洲标准电器认证(ENEC)、UL、国家强制性产品认证(CCC)等。此外,由于集团各公司和分销商的国际合作网井然有序,客户可从卓越服务和交货期短中获益。

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