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Cord retention system for IEC appliance plugs and sockets

Cord retention system for IEC appliance plugs and sockets

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Double stage mains filter with V-Lock cord retention

Double stage mains filter with V-Lock cord retention

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IEC Appliance Inlet C14 with Fuseholder and V-Lock cord retention

IEC Appliance Inlet C14 with Fuseholder and V-Lock cord retention

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Cord Retention

The loss of the power supply may have serious consequences for analytical, diagnostic or laboratory equipment in medical technology, mobile measuring instruments, professional audio and video equipment or devices in the food industry. Particularly in the case of electrical appliances that are moved during operation, there is a risk that the mains cable may be unintentionally disconnected from the appliance. Cord retention safety devices can prevent this.

The most common type of cord retention devices are Cord retaining strain reliefs. Depending on the type of appliance plug and the large number of different types of appliance sockets, the correct bracket shape must be selected here.

TwyLock Pull-out Protections

The TwyLock pull-out protection consists of two locking cams arranged on the side of the plug, which are attached to the plug of the power supply cord or the interconnection cord. These cams snap into the openings provided in the appliance outlet.

V-Lock - the safe alternative

With the V-Lock system for IEC appliance plugs and sockets, SCHURTER offers an attractive, reliable alternative. In the case of V-Lock, the socket with a plug clicks into the opening in the device plug provided for this purpose and thus prevents unintentional disconnection of the mains cable. The advantage of this system is that there is no need to adapt and assemble cable plug-specific bracket systems or retaining brackets.

The locking mechanism is released again by pressing the release lever. Thanks to its luminous bright yellow colour, it is easily recognisable and distinguishes this system from conventional mains connections. The pull-out force is at least 200 N. Various appliance plugs, combi-elements and numerous country-specific power cables are available with this system. The V-Lock cord retention system can be integrated for mains connections according to IEC 60320 for 10 A and 16 A.


• highest possible security and reliability against unintentional disconnection of the power cord

• no additional assembly effort

• no further components required

• attractive design

• simple and self-explanatory operation

• available for IEC device plug connections 10 A and 16 A

• protection classes I and II

• available for interconnection cords





SCHURTER的产品与服务符合最高质量要求,因为SCHURTER应用了质量-环境-安全管理系统,如ISO 9001、ISO 14001、 ISO 45001、六西格玛方法和EFQM卓越模型。所有产品均实行国别测试标签,如德国电气工程师协会(VDE)、欧洲标准电器认证(ENEC)、UL、国家强制性产品认证(CCC)等。此外,由于集团各公司和分销商的国际合作网井然有序,客户可从卓越服务和交货期短中获益。

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