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Finally, a simple solution for gigahertz applications

5150 – First of its kind filtered IEC inlet performs at high frequencies up to 1 GHz and beyond, using X2Y® technology

SCHURTER presents a breakthrough product, providing simple and universal EMC for high frequency applications, using <a href="http://www.x2y.com" target="_blank">X2Y</a>® filter technology. Series 5150 possesses broadband suppression properties to 1 GHz and combines them with the most simple and universal power input. This integrated and compact design provides an easy, safe and cost effective alternative to existing market solutions and opens new opportunities in the filtering of high frequencies.

The SCHURTER 5150 series extends the application range of <a href="http://www.x2y.com" target="_blank">X2Y</a>® filter technology from its origin in EMI protection of DC circuits into the area of AC power input. This filter technology combines the X and Y capacitors used in a typical mains filter into one component. The leads connecting the capacitors are thereby eliminated and parasitic impedances are reduced to a minimum. This results in broadband suppression into high frequency ranges.

The component is equipped with a C14 IEC connector. The double shielding between the <a href="http://www.x2y.com" target="_blank">X2Y</a>® filter and filter casing, together with the broad metal flange can serve as an alternative for feed-through and multi-stage filters. Application examples include equipment for measure-ment engineering, data encryption, medical engineering, IT and telecommunications.

The compact package is designed for front- or rear-side mounting and meets rated currents requirements of up to 10A / 15A. For medical applications, SCHURTER has a version with reduced leakage current. The series has ENEC and cURus approvals, and is suitable for office and medical applications in accordance with IEC/EN 60950 and/or 60601-1.

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