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Success story

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Success Story 5 years of Solutions

Solutions in one minute

It is a customer centric approach that focuses on providing a positive customer experience. Currently the focus is on customers in Europe.

SCHURTER Solutions is responsible to recognize customer needs and to assure the interlinking of all possibilities within the SCHURTER Group. Together with the customer, the expansion of services to solve the specific requirements will be adjusted. Investments are made with and for our customers and are the basis for healthy growth.

For all customer needs that exceed the core business of the SCHURTER Group company, SCHURTER Solutions takes over the networking and thus reaches a maximum possible benefit for the customer. SCHURTER Solutions accompanies the project throughout the entire product lifecycle.

In series production, the customer of the SCHURTER Group will be served by the choosen manufacturing location, that supports the technical solution and offers the economical greatest benefit for the customer.

"We allow above-average growth, by networking existing and new customer needs with products, services, skills, resources and people. The customer is the focus of our actions and benefitsfrom an established value."

Harry Mayr, Head Solutions

Mission and Values

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and producer of fuses, equipment connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products as well as a service provider for circuit board assembly in the electronics industry. Besides the individual components, SCHURTER offers a total solution with the Solutions unit, where all of the core competences of the company are interconnected and placed at the customer’s disposal.

SCHURTER’s focus is on components and systems that ensure a safe power supply and the easy operation of electrical equipment. The safe&easy brand claim, however, refers not only to the products but it corresponds to the business philosophy of the entire SCHURTER Group. The company strives for sustainable success through innovation, high-quality products and service, flexibility and proximity to customers.


The SCHURTER Group employs more than 2'000 people worldwide. Each of these employees significantly contributes to corporate success and allows SCHURTER to be a leading innovator and manufacturer of electronic components and systems in the world. The employees have a variety of skills in the areas of sales and logistics, research and development, customized designs and measurements as well as the production.

As a dynamic, globally operating high-tech company SCHURTER is interested in well-trained specialists and also offers young people a good perspective for their professional future. For this reason, SCHURTER is committed to the sustainable training of young professionals.

Production and Distribution

Company Country Director
SCHURTER Holding AG Ralph Müller
SCHURTER AG Switzerland Christian Holzgang
SCHURTER GmbH Germany Bruno Ochs
SCHURTER SAS France Laurent Bruhl
SCHURTER Electronics (India) Pvt.Ltd. India Asgari Lokhandwala
SCHURTER Input Systems AG Switzerland Peter Hädener
Chi Lick SCHURTER China Dilys Leung
SCHURTER Electronics Limited United Kingdom Andy Birch
SCHURTER Electronics B.V. Hardenberg Netherlands Rien Grotenhuis
Burisch Elektronik Bauteile GmbH Austria Ferdinand Lang
Aki Electronic, spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic Marek Brázda


Company Country Director
SCHURTER spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic Jaroslav Marx
SCHURTER Electronic Components (SEC) China Aaron Zhang
SCHURTER (SK) s.r.o. Slovakia Peter Bazala
SCHURTER Electronic Components s.r.l. Romania Valentin Mocanu
Cabex Kft. Hungary Ferdinand Lang

Solutions – a Market Success since 2013

The Solutions unit commenced its activities on July 1, 2013. Stefan Theiler and Harry Mayr, the first two employees at the start, prepared a business plan, which was approved for implementation by management. Today Solutions looks back on a very intensive and successful period – and looks forward optimistically to a bright future.

Since the launch of Solutions the activities have been greatly expanded, and the team has grown accordingly to meet the needs. More than 500 customer contacts have been recorded already in 2015. The continuous marketing efforts are reflected in the increasing project volume and are the basis for the sales growth target.

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