CPS  CPS Ring illumination green
Ring illumination
CPS  CPS Area illumination red
Area illumination
CPS  CPS Ring illumination blue
Ring illumination
CPS  CPS Ring illumination bright green
Ring illumination
bright green
CPS  CPS Ring illumination green
CPS  CPS Area illumination red
CPS  CPS Ring illumination blue
CPS  CPS Ring illumination bright green

Series: CPS

Capacitive switch

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30 Variants


  • Capacitive touch sensor as momentary push button (NO or NC) or as latching switch (LA)
  • Protection against unintended switching
  • Multicolor illumination
  • Potential free output contacts
  • Laser lettering possible
  • Vandal resistant
  • Wires (8 wires for Multicolor, 4 wires otherwise)²; 26AWG, 0.128 mm²

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Variable supply voltage
  • Constant LED intensity
  • Inputs protected against overvoltage
  • Galvanic separated outputs


  • Housing made from stainless steel
  • Various illumination colors and color combinations possible
  • Touch surface made from scratch-resistant ceramics with area illumination or made from stainless steel with ring illumination
  • Ring or area illumination
  • Wearless, no moving parts
  • Attractive design with or without finger guide available

Important information - The CPS is not suitable for use in sanitary or other applications exposed to water or other liquids. - The housing is connected to gnd.

Electrical Data

Switching Function

momentary (NO¹) or latching 

Switching Voltage

max. 42 VAC␣/  60 VDC

Switching current

max. 100 mA

Electrical Rating

1 W

Switch Resistance OFF

> 10 MΩ

Switch Resistance ON

< 16 Ω

Supply Voltage

5 - 28 VDC

Current Consumption all LEDs off

2.5 mA (switch is open)

8.5 mA (switch is closed)

Current Consumption␍Ilumination red, green or blue

8.0 mA (switch is open)

14.0 mA (switch is closed)

Current Consumption␍Illumination yellow, cyan or magenta

14.0 mA (switch is open)

20.0 mA (switch is closed)

Current Consumption 3 LED on

19.0 mA (switch is open)

25.0 mA (switch is closed)

Reverse Polarity Protection


Short Circuit Protection


Output Type

OptoMOS Relay 


5 million actuations

Connection type

Wires (8 wires for Multicolor, 4 wires otherwise)²; 26AWG, 0.128 mm² 

Mechanical Data

Actuation Type


Actuating Force


Shock Protection


Mounting Depth

with Finger Guide: 30.3 mm

without Finger Guide: 30 mm

Tightening Torque Plastic Nut

2.5 Nm

Climatical Data

Operating Temperature

-40 to 60 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 to 85 °C

IP Protection Class Front Side

IP67 acc. to IEC 60529

Salt Spray Test (acc. to DIN 50021-SS)

24 h / 48 h / 96 h Residence Time 



Stainless Steel 


Area Illumination: Ceramics 

Ring Illumination: Stainless steel 

Illuminated Ring (Ring Illumination)


Seal Ring


¹ on request also available as NC / ² on request also available with cable or connector

Detailed information on product approvals, code requirements, usage instructions and detailed test conditions can be looked up in  Details about Approvals
SCHURTER products are designed for use in industrial environments. They have approvals from independent testing bodies according to national and international standards. Products with specific characteristics and requirements such as required in the automotive sector according to IATF 16949, medical technology according to ISO 13485 or in the aerospace industry can be offered exclusively with customer-specific, individual agreements by SCHURTER.

Product standards

Product standards that are referenced

Organization Design Standard Description
Partners IEC_Certification_Body Designed according to IEC 61000-6-1 Switches for appliances. Part 1. General requirements

Application standards

Application standards where the product can be used

Organization Design Standard Description
Partners IEC_Certification_Body Suitable for applications acc. IEC/UL 62368-1 Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment - Part 1: Safety requirements


The product complies with following Guide Lines

Identification Details Initiator Description
Approval marks CE Selbsteklaration SCHURTER AG The CE marking declares that the product complies with the applicable requirements laid down in the harmonisation of Community legislation on its affixing in accordance with EU Regulation 765/2008.
Approval marks Zulassung_Symbol_UKCA SCHURTER AG The UKCA marking declares that the product complies with the applicable requirements laid down in the British Amendment of Regulation (EC) 765/2008.
Environment_Safety RoHS_Logo_color_CMYK_tif SCHURTER AG Directive RoHS 2011/65/EU, Amendment (EU) 2015/863
Environment_Safety REACH SCHURTER AG On 1 June 2007, Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals 1 (abbreviated as "REACH") entered into force.


Dimension [mm]

CPS with ring illuminating, with finger guide

CPS with ring illuminating, no finger guide

CPS with area illuminating, with finger guide

CPS with area illuminating, no finger guide

A= illuminating area
B= CPS16: 19.5mm␉␉CPS19: 23.0mm␉␉CPS22: 25.5mm
C= CPS16: M16x1␉␉CPS19: M19x0.75␉␉CPS22: M22x1
D= CPS16: 14.7mm␉␉CPS19: 14.5mm␉␉CPS22: 14.5mm
E= CPS16: ø20mm␉␉CPS19: ø24mm␉␉CPS22: ø27.6mm

* internal pull-up resistor to vcc = 3.3 V


Multicolor variant

Illumination options for RGB

Material Lettering Colour  
Stainless Steel black Filled letters
Ceramic black Filled letters

Short Table of Variants CPS Open complete table CPS

Diameter [mm] Illumination Illumination Coloractive / inactive Order Number

Variant Details

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www.schurter.xx/art/ [Order Number]
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- xx is the country specific domain
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16 Area illumination red / green 3-101-398 ...
16 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-394  A  ...
16 Area illumination red / green 3-101-395  A  ...
16 Ring Illumination red / green 3-101-413 ...
16 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-400  A  ...
16 Ring Illumination red / green 3-101-401 ...
16 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-397 ...
16 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-403  A  ...
16 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-412 ...
16 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-399  A  ...
19 Area illumination red / green 3-101-418 ...
19 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-415 ...
19 Area illumination red / green 3-101-416 ...
19 Ring Illumination red / green 3-101-423 ...
19 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-420  A  ...
19 Ring Illumination red / green 3-101-421  A  ...
19 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-417 ...
19 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-414  A  ...
19 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-422  A  ...
19 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-419  A  ...
22 Area illumination red / green 3-101-428 ...
22 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-425 ...
22 Area illumination red / green 3-101-426  A  ...
22 Ring Illumination red / green 3-101-405  A  ...
22 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-430  A  ...
22 Ring Illumination red / green 3-101-431 ...
22 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-427  A  ...
22 Area illumination multicolor 3-101-424  A  ...
22 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-404  A  ...
22 Ring Illumination multicolor 3-101-429  A  ...

Most Popular.

Minimum order quantity for standard variants with or without laser marking is 20 pieces.

Configurations which are not listed as standard in the table above can be requested as customized variants. The configuration code can be used for customizing this product. Please contact us in case more detail information is needed.

Common parameters for all standard variants:
- Housing material: stainless steel
- Switching current: 100 mA
- Illumination supply voltage: 5 V - 28 V (variable)
- IP protection: IP67- IK protection: IK09
- Terminal connection: wires (8 wires for RGB, 4 wires otherwise), standard wire length is 200 mm
Latching and momentary NO switch are open after power-up (protection against unintended switching)
NO: normaly open

Packaging unit 10 Pcs 


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