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Management System

We at SCHURTER consider the quality of our products and services as the key factor of the company's lasting success. The excellent process management and improvement is designed and certified according to management systems ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO IATF 16949, ISO 45001.

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The fact that SCHURTER constantly strives to achieve the highest safety, simplicity of operation and sustainable business practices is also evident at management level. Some 23 years ago, SCHURTER AG’s quality management was one of the first in Switzerland to be ISO 9001 certified. Over the years, this was followed by ISO 14001 certification for environment management and OHSAS 18001 for industrial safety and health protection at SCHURTER AG, which has been verified in annual audits ever since.

Business Excellence

SCHURTER has been actively engaged with Total Quality Management (TQM) since 1991. TQM is based on a comprehensive management and quality model – the EFQM MODEL. Business Excellence is the philosophy behind this model.

For all SCHURTER stakeholders - customers, employees, society, financial investors, suppliers and partners - it is our aim to attain enduring and excellent results together with added values.

"We use the methods of Six Sigma to improve our processes systematically and to achieve sustainable results. We identify the needs of our customers, measure process key indicators, analyse results, and take focused corrective action."

Hugo Felder, Head Quality Management

EFQM for Busines Excellence

Supplementing the EFQM model is Six Sigma (6 σ), a management tool for process improvements, and an integral part of quality management at SCHURTER since 2009. Core elements of Six Sigma are the description, measurement, analysis, improvement and monitoring of processes using statistical means. Fault rates, which have always been measured and evaluated annually in all areas of the enterprise, have been steadily reduced thanks to a wide variety of measures.

One of the reasons the trend towards full automation is so important is because the market makes increasingly stringent demands on products, in particular in relation to components in the safety field such as fuses and fuse holders. It would be very difficult to achieve the ppm values required by the market with manual labour or semi-automated processes. For this reason, the trend towards full automation is unavoidable for manufacturers, if they want to remain competitive.


Conformity to Component Standards and National Approvals

Safety is our business. Therefore, we let accredited testing institutions testing our products according to national and international standards or other generally recognized rules of technology. Their certification/approval-marks confirm the observance of the safety requirements which electric appliances must fulfil.

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Quality and Approvals

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