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Industrial Equipment

Approved components as and when required

Aerospace_Bruno_Zemp_Benjamin_Schibli_Verkehrshaus Aerospace_Bruno_Zemp_Benjamin_Schibli_Verkehrshaus

Avionics and Space

Absolute reliability under extreme conditions

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Medical Equipment

Proven and approved solutions to rely on

Serverraum Serverraum

Data and Communication

Safe power supply and easy processing for use in data centers

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Approved solutions for a thriving market

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SCHURTER provides both a wide range of internationally approved components, as well as customized solutions, which are used in reliable energy supply systems,

Industry Segments

SCHURTER offers various products and solutions specifically designed to specific industry segments.

The typical requirements of the specific industries are taken into consideration.

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  • V_Lock_Pressebild_1_weiss_C13_Dose_5707_Medical

    V-Lock – Plug-Retention Safeguard for Power Cords

    The V-Lock system from SCHURTER prevents unintentional unplugging of power cords on equipment. A variety of power sockets, Power Entry Modules (PEMs) and numerous country-specific power cords can be supplied as part of this system, and now also in white. Also available are power cords with V-Lock that conform to the “American Hospital Grade”.

  • ASO_FSO_Pressebild_1

    New ASO solar fuse (gPV) – Meets both IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579 photovoltaic standards

    SCHURTER successfully introduced the ASO solar fuse in 2010. The ASO now meets both IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579 standards for the protection of photovoltaic systems, thus it is qualified for use according to the latest gPV requirements.

  • FMAB_NEO_N4PH_Pressebild_2

    FMAB NEO: Compact single-phase filter for a wide current range

    SCHURTER is expanding its successful single-phase filter family, FMAB NEO, with new design series P and Q. This range of single-phase filters combines high performance in a compact design. The new series extends the range of current ratings up to 60 A, with an extended temperature range from -40 °C to 100 °C.

  • MGA_S_Pressebild

    Smallest Fuse Approved for Use in Space Applications

    SMD Fuse for Space Applications is Approved according to ESA/SCC. SCHURTER's new SMD-fuse type MGA-S meets the standard of ESA/SCC Generic Specification No 4008 for space applications.

  • Danielson_PCAP_19inch_K2Medical

    New Capacitive Controller

    Expensonsion of our product range

The SCHURTER Range at a Glance Catalog contains an overview of the company's entire product range in a convenient brief reference guide.

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