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Product standard – equipment standard Top

The product standard only contains minimum requirements. Attention is drawn to the fact that appliance specifications might contain requirements additional to or deviating from those specified in the relevant product standards.

Comments on definitions used Top

Please be aware that the specifications nominal value used in the German part of the Schurter catalogue and the data sheets, is synonymous with rated value.

The difference between these two values is a pure matter of definition. In order to avoid any unnecessary complications we will continue to use the specifications nominal value.

CE marking acc. to EU-directives Top

CE marking is the only marking which indicates that a product conforms to the relevant EU-directive.

CE Selbsteklaration

This means that the CE-mark is no quality or standard conformity mark but only an administration mark.

SCHURTER products are covered by the low voltage directives 2006/95/EEC. Those are valid for equipment and appliances with rated voltage values between AC 50 V to AC 1000 V as well as DC 75 V to DC 1500 V.

The CE marking of SCHURTER parts will be found on the label of the smallest packing unit. On request we will submitt a CE conformity statement for each component. CE conformity statements and approvals can also be retrieved from the internet under

Conformity to component standards, national approvals Top

National testing institutions are testing according to national and international standards or other generally recognized rules of technology. Their certification/approval-marks confirm the observance of the safety requirements which electric appliances must fulfil.

ENEC 05     European Norms
Electrical Certification
VDE   VDE Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
VDE_Fertigungs (Certificate of conformity with factory surveillance) VDE Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
UMF_Prüfzeichen   UMF  
cURus (Recognition) UL Underwriters' Laboratories (USA, Canada)
cULus 1) only for 3pole UL Underwriters' Laboratories (USA, Canada)
UR (Recognition) UL Underwriters' Laboratories (USA)
UL 1) only for 3pole UL Underwriters' Laboratories (USA, Canada)
CSA_Acc   CSA Canadian Standard Association, Component Acceptance Service
CSA   CSA Canadian Standard Association
China   CCC Chinese Compulsory Certification
CQC   CQC Chinese Quality Certification (voluntary)
PSE_Prüfzeichen   PSE Japan Electrical Safety and Environment technology Laboratories
KTL_Prüfzeichen   KTL Korea Testing Laboratory
TÜV   TÜV Technischer Überwachungsverein
NF   NF Norme française
NNO_Prüfzeichen   NNO Numéro de nomenclature Otan (OTAN = NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)
GAMT1_Prüfzeichen   GAM T1 Liste interarmées AIR MER TERRE de composants électroniques
SEV   SEV Schweizerischer Elektrotechnischer Verein
SEMKO   SEMKO Svenska Elektriska Materielkontrollanstalten
FI.eps   FIMKO Finnish Electrical Inspectorate
KEMA_KEUR   KEMA Keuring van Elektrotechnische Materialien
IMQ_Prüfzeichen   IMQ Instituto italiano del marchio di qualità

National approvals

In addition to the combined UL/CSA approvals, most of the SCHURTER components are also approved by one of the European certification bodies like VDE (Germany), Electrosuisse (Switzerland) or SEMKO (Sweden). The safety testing of all these European certification bodies are based on the commen European safety standards. With the harmonisation effort in Europe, the different national European certification bodies have lost their importance and SCHURTER has decided to maintain only one European approval (e.g. VDE, SEV or SEMKO) in future. The others will not be renewed once they have expired.

Because UL and CSA are not members of the CENELEC, the standards of UL and CSA are not harmonised yet with the European standards. However, UL and CSA are trying to harmonize their standards with each other. Where possible, SCHURTER will apply for the combined cULus or cURus approval.

Further to development in Asia, SCHURTER has obtained national approvals from China, Japan and Korea.

Information about approvals

SCHURTER products are certified according to EN / IEC standards and carry country specific approvals in Europe.


During the last few years European countries made much effort to reduce their approval marks to one generally accepted mark. The ENEC approval mark replaces (wherever possible) the previous approval mark. The ENEC mark is offered by all national certification bodies that signed for the European certification agreement (CCA)*.

SCHURTER decided to reduce the variety of European approval marks. For new approbations of SCHURTER parts only the ENEC will be mentioned in the future:


Approvals for the US and Canada are according to the UL and CSA standards:


As UL and CSA are not a member of CENELEC these two are not according to the European approval marks. Wherever possible SCHURTER want to acquire the combined cULus approval mark:


Since Aug. 1st. 2003 the Chinese approval mark is required for a lot of products to import to China. SCHURTER strives to get the approvals for the concerned products.


SCHURTER will check if a voluntary CQC registration can be done when a product does not apply with a Chinese standard.


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* members of ENEC agreement: