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世界上第一个符合 IEC TS 62735-1标准的直流连接器,用于数据中心配电带和UPS.

世界上第一个符合 IEC TS 62735-1标准的直流连接器,用于数据中心配电带和UPS.




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供电系统设备已在全球范围内实现标准化,其目的在于确保产品的高度可靠性并提供全球适用的解决方案。同时提升了对所有零部件和材料用户的操作可靠性的要求。SCHURTER集团的产品以适用于全球认证产品的IEC 60320标准为依据,因此无论选用哪种零部件,均可保证设备插头和插座连接顺畅。



400 VDC for Data Centers

Converting, transforming, converting, transforming – vast amounts of unused electricity simply disappear in data centers. The idea of switching the power supply to direct current and bypassing a large proportion of these losses results in a paradigm shift.

The supply of a data center using direct current has enormous potential. Not only does it offer the potential for saving energy, but also, to the same degree, savings on costs, space, resources and time. Furthermore, the supply of renewable energy sources offers the possibility of providing electricity directly for the data center as a direct current, without additional transformation or conversion processes.

Some data centers around the world already use DC technology. In China, Japan, the USA, Germany and also in Switzerland. However to date, there have been no binding standards to adhere to. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has set out to create the missing link with standardized plug and socket devices according to TS 62735. The standard IEC TS 62735-1 has been adopted since August 2015 for systems up to 2.6 kW relating to the distribution of power. The standard IEC TS 62735-2 was approved in December 2016 for higher outputs of up to 5.2 kW - which can no longer be separated when under load. The device-side equivalent should also be approved in a next step. Efforts are currently being made to create solutions for DC plug connections on the previous AC standard IEC 60320.

DC architecture

DC architecture

AC vs DC architecture

DC architecture renewable energy

Comparison AC vs DC architecture

The DC power architecture contains significantly fewer components than that of alternating current. According to calculations and studies by, for example, ABB, Amstein + Walthert or Stulz, by eliminating various transformations and conversions there is already an increase in efficiency of 10 % from the supply to the server. In terms of investment costs for the electrical infrastructure, one should work off the basis of a reduction of around 15 %. Less space is also required for the electrical infrastructure. In fact, considerably less. 25 % should be expected.

Fewer components are installed quicker. Fewer components are serviced faster and cause fewer errors. This makes them more reliable and therefore cheaper. Both in terms of the purchase and the maintenance. According to a study conducted by NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), the reliability is expected to increase tenfold due to the system being less complex!

The approach of providing a data center with DC voltage is obvious. If the server is already working off DC power, it makes sense to continue using it as consistently as possible throughout the chain.

Jonas Bachmann, Engineer R&D





SCHURTER的产品与服务符合最高质量要求,因为SCHURTER应用了质量-环境-安全管理系统,如ISO 9001、ISO 14001、 ISO 45001、六西格玛方法和EFQM卓越模型。所有产品均实行国别测试标签,如德国电气工程师协会(VDE)、欧洲标准电器认证(ENEC)、UL、国家强制性产品认证(CCC)等。此外,由于集团各公司和分销商的国际合作网井然有序,客户可从卓越服务和交货期短中获益。

SCHURTER 产品目录是SCHURTER 整个产品系列的概述,是一本方便且简单的参考指南.

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