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Threat of global energy shortage

Dear customers and partners

After the Corona crisis, the next challenge facing the global industry is already emerging.

The war in Ukraine and the associated uncertain relationship development with Russia mean that a general shortage of energy supply in the coming months is not only possible, but will become probable.

A restricted energy supply has a noticeable impact on industry and all manufacturing companies. Thus also on the SCHURTER Group as a globally active company with 14 production sites worldwide.

For this reason, SCHURTER has set up its own Energy Task Force, consisting of Group-wide specialists.

The Energy Task Force's responsibility is to take into account all eventualities regarding energy shortages in strategic considerations and decisions. Depending on the scenarios that occur, the task force will initiate adequate countermeasures to ensure the production of our goods, which are often among the most supply-relevant.

Options are currently being examined and priorities set throughout the Group as to how we can make the most efficient use of the energy available. We will also minimize our energy requirements wherever possible without losing capacity in the production of our goods.

In doing so, the task force is focusing its attention on the entire value chain: starting with our own manufacturing sites, through our suppliers to our own administrative areas.

Our primary goal is to maintain production so that our customers can count on a supply of the SCHURTER products that are indispensable to them at all times.

Ralph Müller, CEO SCHURTER Holding AG

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