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Protection of electronics in automotive engineering


Approved solutions for a dynamic market

Security through innovation and commitment


We, as an electronic components manufacturer, develop together with and for our customers solutions to use in their automotive applications. Mature technologies are used to achieve the customer's specific requirements that normally exceeds the standardized requirements. The custom required production process and documentation lead beyond to customized production.


Innovations in safety and environmental systems, more comfort and safety are the driving forces, which lead the trend towards more and more sophisticated on-board electronic applications. Electronic controls and power supply depend on a high degree of reliability and long-term stability of all components. Chip Fuse are precise, reliable, temperature resistant and robust against vibrations. These characteristics make them ideal for the use in automotive applications.

Our solutions

We offer solutions for the various applications in the automotive industry. In addition to a safe power supply during the charging process for electric vehicles, our products ensure protection of the battery, the inverter for the motor drive and the air conditioning systems, protection of the ignition system and emergency power supply as well as the provision of intuitive operating elements.

Electric mobility on the rise

Electric vehicles (EVs) are playing an increasingly important role in our mobility. Charging speed plays a decisive role. With fast charging, the alternating current is converted directly into direct current at the charging station. The DC converters used in this process must be as efficient as possible in order to minimise energy loss. However, more efficient DC conversion also means higher electromagnetic emissions. The attenuation of these emissions is of central importance, as they must not be allowed to enter the power grid or the connected electric vehicle as interference signals. Insufficiently attenuated signals can interrupt the communication protocol between the charging station and the vehicle. In the worst case scenario, this can even lead to defects in the vehicle. We offer various products for use during the charging process.

Products for the charging process


Safe power supply for wall charging stations for electric vehicles with outputs up to 22 kW.

Fast Charging

Safe power supply for fast charging stations for electric vehicles from 22 kW onwards.

On-board chargers

Solutions for interference suppression of on-board charging systems.

Emergency charging cables

Solutions for protection of the charging cable for on the road.

Components for battery management systems


Battery protection of high-performance battery packs.

Datasheet UMT 250

SMD fuse from 80 mA to 10 A. Maximum breaking capacity at minimal footprint. Suitable for pulse-shaped continuous currents.

Components for ignition systems


Protection of the ignition system. Various influences lead to fluctuations, which must be secured by suitable means.


SMD thermal fuse with a tripping temperature of 175°C and 210°C. Rated voltage up to 60 VDC. Version with shunt available.

USN 1206

Thermal sensitive SMD fuse. At ambient temperatures around 200 °C, the required tripping current is reduced and thus additionally protects against thermal runaway.

UAI 1206

Pulse and temperature resistant SMD fuse. AEC-Q200 qualified. Mechanical Shock proven with 1'500 g.

Components for inverters


Protection of the inverter for the motor drive.


Compensated high current choke. Compact size and light weight. Available with nanocrystalline or ferrite ring cores.

Components for climate control


Protection of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.


Single or dual pole DC filter. 1-stage line filter in standard version. Compact and light weight design.


SMD thermal fuse with a tripping temperature of 175°C and 210°C. Rated voltage up to 60 VDC. Version with shunt available.

USN 1206

Thermal sensitive SMD fuse. At ambient temperatures around 200 °C, the required tripping current is reduced and thus additionally protects against thermal runaway.

Components for emergency power supply


Protection of the redundant power supply in emergency situations.

USI 1206

Chip fuse with defined tripping at twice the rated current. High melting integral, high breaking capacity.

Products for control elements


Switches and input systems for simple and intuitive operation.


Piezo switch with housing material types: aluminum, brass chrome-plated or stainless steel. Long lifetime with more than 20 Mio. actuations.


Metal Line switch. Attractive tactile feedback. Long life span. Single color or homogeneous RGB illumination.

Input System / HMI solution

We design a customised operating unit according to the specific application requirements e.g. PCAP touchscreen with printed glass front and bonded display.

EV Charging Systems

As a manufacturer of electronic components, we offer reliable and robust electronic components and HMIs that will ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your electric vehicle charging stations.

Find out all our EVSE-friendly electronic components tailored for your housings, enclosures and connectors.

EMC Measurement Service

Our team of EMC specialists offers a comprehensive, professional measurement service to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):

  • We carry out EMC tests on your behalf.

  • We suppress interference in your electrical systems.

  • We fault-clean your electrical appliances.

  • We support you from development to series production.

  • Our measurement report serves as proof of CE conformity.

  • On request directly on site!

SCHURTER certified according to IATF 16949

On 10 August 2017, SCHURTER AG in Lucerne successfully passed the audits for the certification according to the new Automotive Standard IATF 16949: 2016. This new standard of the IATF (International Automotive Task Force) places the highest demands on the system and process quality of a company.

SCHURTER has pursued this certification with the clear goal of further developing its own company. SCHURTER intends to improve continuously in order to meet the ever-growing demands of its customers today and in the future.

After clean analyzes, internal processes were optimized, the documentation of all products and production processes refined down to the last detail. Management has also been compelled: in the future, it will be more involved in all process and production phases.

The interdisciplinary and process-oriented is gaining in importance. The goal is clearly defined: the reliability of the processes is increased and thus the product quality is maintained at a high and - most importantly - constant level. Zero errors are the goal. An objective that requires a continuous optimization process.

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