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Cultural Values

Our image and respected SCHURTER brand name lead to succesful, longterm collaborations with our customers and partners.

The Cultural Values of the SCHURTER Group

Our Path to Success

SCHURTER has been successfully active in the global electronics industry since 1933. In this agile market environment, SCHURTER has repeatedly succeeded in mastering challenges and achieving continuous improvements. "Our path to success" is the SCHURTER mission statement and describes the corporate culture we live by.

Our Corporate Culture

Customer Focus

The customer is at the focus of my activities. I am fully committed to his concerns.


I act courageously and purposefully. I tackle the task joyfully and realize added value.


I constantly develop myself, my knowledge and my abilities and provide professional services.


I listen, accept different opinions and abide by agreements.

Our Management Principles


We take meaningful forward-looking decisions. Our actions are comprehensible.


We maintain a fair, respectful association with people and other cultures.


We dedicatedly fulfill our tasks. We take challenges as an opportunity.


We learn from feedback and from the market. Dynamically we implement new solutions.


We connect people and cultures, cultivate relationships and share our knowledge.

Our 4 Strategic Success Factors

Brand Image

Our excellent image and respected SCHURTER brand name lead to successful, long-term collaborations with our customers and partners. We achieve sustainable financial performance, and with these results we can make future-oriented investments.


We exceed market requirements with innovative products, processes and services, we fill application-specific needs and create added value for our customers.

Quality of Products and Services

Our products are available around the world, they are reliable and free from defects. We meet customer expectations with a broad product line, high quality of service and continual improvements in our business processes.

Personnel and Society

We manage our company according to ethical principles. This excellent corporate culture promotes the highest level of commitment from our employees. We deal responsibly with our partners, society and the environment.

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