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Avionics and Space

"Zero Defects": Absolute reliability under the most extreme conditions in avionics and space

Avionics and Space

SCHURTER provides zero defect solutions to meet the highly specific requirements of electronic systems used on aircraft, satellites and spacecraft.

New: FRM-A and DRM-A for demanding requirements

Very small, light and robust: These are increasingly important requirements of the Avionics
industry for the components of their suppliers. SCHURTER addresses this need with the FRM-A and DRM-A fuse holder/fuse combination.

An optimised unit for demanding requirements:

  • Designed and optimised for Avionics applications

  • FRM-A: Ultra-compact, light and made for
    harsh environmental conditions

  • DRM-A: Whisker-free ceramic fuse with fast
    tripping characteristics

Datasheet FRM-A

Datasheet DRM-A

Absolute reliability under extreme conditions

For obvious reasons, specifications in Space & Avionics are significantly higher than the regular international standards. SCHURTER provides zero defect solutions to meet the highly specific requirements of electronic systems used on aircraft, satellites and spacecraft.

«Too important to fail» is the guiding principle in the manufacturing of components for the use in the area of Space & Avionics. SCHURTER is proud to meet standards such as defined in the ESA Internal Requirement Definitions or in Military Standards (e.g. MIL, NF, NNO, GAM T1) and Aviation Standards. As an experienced partner of the European Space Agency (ESA) we focus on the safety for power systems and develop customer specific fuse designs for over-current protection under extreme conditions. A proven example is the SCHURTER MGA-S, a surface mount fuse for space application.

SCHURTER solutions guarantee you long-term stability and highest reliability under extreme environmental conditions. They have a extreme operation temperature range and come into use where components have to work perfectly even under severe mechanical stress (e.g. vibration, shock), fast pressure increases or cosmic radiation.

The certification of our products, the manufacturing and the logistics are audited regularly. A product lifetime of up to 30 years, a guaranteed and documented life cycle as well as lifelong information and service add to the trustworthiness of SCHURTER solutions.

SCHURTER will be attending the following events:

SCHURTER at the Space Passive Component Days in Noordwijk

The SPCD international Symposium is the premier technical conference dedicated to Passive components for space applications. Visit SCHURTER from October 15 - 18, 2024.

SCHURTER at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen

Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen sets the bar when it comes to providing attendees with fundamental knowledge about current industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Visit SCHURTER at booth ZZ21 from November 19 - 21, 2024

Selected products for the avionics and space industry

The Space Fuse

SCHURTER is the first Swiss company ever to have with MGA-S fuse a component included in ESA's QPL (Qualified Parts List).

HCSF: Space fuse for high power applications

After the MGA-S, the HCSF is the second certified fuse for space applications. The SMD 3220 thin film fuse is designed for high power applications and ESCC QPL listed.

MGA-A: no tin whiskers, no tin dendrites

SCHURTER extends its successful MGA / MGA-S line of 1206 dimension SMD ceramic fuses with an aviation version that is tin whisker free and completely dispenses with leaded coating.

UMT-W: suitable as a Fail Safe Device

A pulse-proof SMD ceramic fuse with super time-lag tripping characteristics, which is particularly suitable as a fail-safe device in demanding applications.

SMD solid-state fuse for the most demanding applications

SCHURTER's new High Current Fuse, HCF, is an extremely robust SMD fuse, designed using solid-state / thin-film technology. The HCF is especially suited for use in particularly harsh applications.

Safety is our business

Qualified supplier of high-tech solutions

The cooperation between the ESA and SCHURTER has created two outstanding products with the MGA-S and the HCSF. As a result, to date SCHURTER has been the sole European supplier of qualified fuses by the ESA. Accordingly, SCHURTER has provided an impressive demonstration of the necessary technologies during both development and production. We are proud of the products that have been qualified by ESA and are ready to provide competent solutions to similar circuit protection challenges identified in the area of aerospace, and other applications requiring specialized circuit protection.

We are also using our broad-based expertise and the current aerospace technologies for our customers in the industrial sector, for example, when carrying out other specialized qualification processes. We welcome the opportunity to find the optimal made-by-SCHURTER solution together with you.

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of passive and active electronic components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of equipment.


Success Story "The Space Fuse" 

ESCC Qualified Manufacturer SCHURTER AG 

Would you like more information about products or request a sample?

The SCHURTER Range at a Glance Catalog contains an overview of the company's entire product range.

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