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What are you looking for?

Protection solutions according to your specifications

SCHURTER fulfills all your wishes

Customer specific engraving

SCHURTER fulfills all your wishes

Wire Harness

Customer specific components - made according to your individual requirements

Customer specific printing

SCHURTER fulfills all your wishes

Customer specific Components

In addition to standard products, we can manufacture on demand customized designs. Based on our expertise and experience, we support and advise you as much as wanted. We then ensure that your reach your goals in the most effective way.

Customer specific fuses

SCHURTER offers customer specific fuses with different characteristics.

The cooperation between the ESA and SCHURTER has created two outstanding products with the MGA-S and the HCSF. As a result, to date SCHURTER has been the sole European supplier of qualified fuses by the ESA. Accordingly, SCHURTER has provided an impressive demonstration of the necessary technologies during both development and production.

We are proud of the products that have been qualified by ESA and are ready to provide competent solutions to similar circuit protection challenges identified in the area of aerospace, and other applications requiring specialized circuit protection. We are also using our broad-based expertise and the current aerospace technologies for our customers in the industrial sector, for example, when carrying out other specialized qualification processes.

Customer specific Connectors

SCHURTER uses its proven skills in the development of IEC connectors for the development of individual solutions upon customer request. The necessary infrastructure and the testing equipment are available for the qualification of components in addition to the development and production expertise.

Wire Harness

The wire harness service includes several types of ready to install wires, cables or wire harnesses with custom specific end terminal connections. The SCHURTER products such as IEC 60320 connectors, power entry modules or filter products with quick connect, solder or screw on terminals can be assembled with customer specific interconnection solutions.

The offered solution includes the specific selected SCHURTER product inclusive the individual configured wire harness.

Customer specific Switches

Switches and buttons are freely configurable. The variety of marking and lighting options, as well as the different materials and surface shapes are customized executable.

This allows, based on a broad standard range, that specific embodiments, can be adjusted according to the respective customer's design.

Customer specific EMC Solutions

Are you looking for an expert partner who can fabricate winding goods to your specific needs?

Profit from our many years of experience and rely on the high-quality, efficient inductive components from SCHURTER.

We offer you a complete package of services from development through fabrication as well as from testing and delivery through to support. When it comes to customized inductive components, SCHURTER is your first choice.

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