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Overall responsibility:

Marketing Communication
Werkhofstrasse 8 - 12
6002 Lucerne

Concept and Design:

via Gaggiolo 27
6855 Stabio


SCHURTER regularly publishes press releases about product and company news. This information is listed in chronological order on the website. It can be filtered by business unit or the area of interest.

All Documents

Various documents e.g. White Paper, Application Notes, Success Stories and others more are available for free download.


All content (images, graphics, tables, videos, logos, illustrations, programs and other services) contained on this site are the exclusive property of SCHURTER. SCHURTER reserves all copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the products before, including layout, software and their content. In particular, publishing, modifying, offering, selling, duplicating the content is only allowed with explicit authorization from SCHURTER. SCHURTER-Logos are the property of SCHURTER Holding AG while all other content is the property of the SCHURTER AG. The content of this SCHURTER website is intended for use by Buyer as a customer or potential customer of any SCHURTER Group e.g. SCHURTER Inc.

Requests for reproduction permissions may be addressed to SCHURTER

SCHURTER AG, 15.11.2015, Lucerne

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