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Medical Equipment

Certified and safe products for use in high-quality medical equipment

Medical Equipment

SCHURTER components for high-grade medical equipment come into use wherever certified and perfectly safe solutions are in demand.

Certified for Medical Equipment: ISO 13485

The requirements of both the MDR and the FDA are continuously increasing, demanding higher standards from medical device manufacturers.

In order to provide optimal support to our customers, the following SCHURTER organizations follow the risk-based approach according to ISO 13485 and are certified accordingly.

Surgery and Intensive Care: Safe power supply and intuitive handling

Application Examples: Anaesthesiology, Respiration, and Surgery Equipment

The primary requirements for electromedical devices include ensuring a reliable power supply, preventing hazardous body currents, reducing magnetic or electrical interference, and protecting against explosions or fires.

UMT 250 SMD Fuse

The UMT 250 SMD fuse impresses with its compact design and enables maximum breaking capacity at minimal footprint. It is perfectly suitable for pulse-shaped continuous currents.

5707 Appliance Inlet – Power Entry Module with V-Lock

Our 5707 device plug combination with V-Lock offers IP65 and IP54 protection, a 2-pole fuse holder, and is available in protection classes I and II - ideal for secure applications.

Complete HMI-Solutions

We offer complete HMI solutions, including custom input systems, along with displays, electronics and housings. We provide our customers close support during the product development.

Diagnostics: Safe power supply and intuitive handling

Application Examples: Anaesthesiology, Respiration Surgery, and Equipment

Every measurement result from a diagnostic device is crucial for the further treatment of a patient. Therefore, the devices must function faultlessly, and the results must fall within defined permissible error ranges.

DD12 Appliance Inlet Power Entry Module with Line Filter

The DD12 device plug combination element with mains filter has an integrated ground line choke and V-Lock cord retention. Furthermore, it is suitable for medical equipment according to IEC/UL 60601-1 (1 MOOP, 1 MOPP).

CHS Capacitive Switch

The capacitive switch CHS is characterized by an easy-to-clean and hygienic surface. It allows a discreet installation and is fully encapsulated to withstand the toughest conditions.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCAP)

Our projected capacitive touchscreens (PCAP) are custom-developed and produced to meet customer needs – all in-house. Thanks to high vertical range of manufacture, we enable the shortest project lead times.

Laboratory: Application-specific filter solutions and intelligent connection

Application Examples: Analysis, Filtration, and Homogenisation

Safety, usability, and ergonomics are crucial in laboratory equipment. With their intuitive operation, they accelerate workflow processes. An ergonomic design helps to protect joints and prevent muscle strains.

DS11 Smart Connector

The DS11 Smart Connector is a smart IEC C14 appliance inlet with WiFi, featuring a compact design and compatibility with V-Lock. It offers bidirectional connectivity from the cloud, allowing for innovative applications.

Customized Winding Goods

We provide customized winding goods with extensive expertise from development to production, including testing. Our services encompass SPICE simulation models and the use of nanocrystalline toroidal cores for optimal results.

Resistive Touchscreens

Resistive touchscreens offer a wide range of standard sensors in 4-, 5-, and 8-wire technology. We provide customized designs and technology combinations, ensuring EMC conformity for medical applications.

Dental: Robust design and prevention of accidental cable disconnection

Application Examples: Dental Treatment, Dental Office Equipment, and Dental Laboratory

Dental equipment is characterized by accuracy, ease of use and intuitive operation. Its durability and high operational efficiency are based on carefully selected, high-quality materials and optimal design.

Application Inlet 6080 with power cord

The SCHURTER 6080 is a compatible device plug for IEC 60320 and IEC 60529. When used with the corresponding power cable, it achieves an IP54 protection rating when plugged in, providing excellent safeguarding against dust particles and water splashes.

FEU (Med) Fuseholder

The FEU (Med) Fuseholder is ideal for unattended devices, ensuring safe and easy operation. It is suitable for 600V AC/DC and 20A (UL/CSA) applications.


The established MSM button family receives an upgrade with the new MSM II generation. Its elegant design, quality, and versatility remain unchanged. Now, flat devices are compatible with the new stainless steel housings and subminiature microswitches.

Physiotherapy and Orthopaedics: Electromagnetic compatibility and hygienic operation

Application Examples: Orthopaedic Devices, Medical Mobility Aids, and Medical Compression Devices

Training devices that are approved as medical devices must have scientifically proven clinical effectiveness, consistent risk management, and verified biological, electrical, and mechanical safety.

DG12 Appliance Inlet with Filter

The DG12 Appliance Inlet with Filter combines IP67 protection and a V-Lock cord retaining mechanism with IP54 protection. It features a recessed rocker switch and is available in both Protection Class I and II.

FMAB NEO one-phase-Filter

The FMAB NEO one-phase filter is designed for medical equipment in accordance with IEC/UL 60601-1 (1 MOOP, 1 MOPP). With the Protection Class II, it offers 2 MOOP, 2 MOPP, along with an integrated ground line choke and outstanding symmetrical attenuation.

THS Touchless Switch

The THS allows non-contact and bacteria-free operation. It offers invisible installation and is fully potted to withstand the harshest conditions. Furthermore, it allows a easy and hygienic cleaning.

Medical Home Care: Easy and highly reliable operation

Application Examples: Blood and Pulse Measurement, Oxygen Therapy, and Electrical Stimulation

Aging population, rising healthcare costs drive medical home care. Safety requirements for medical devices in home care follow IEC 60601-1-11 standard.

5120 Appliance Inlet-Power Entry Module with Filter

The 5120 Appliance Inlet-Power Entry Module with Filter features V-lock cord retaining and a compact design. It conforms to Protection Class II requirements, providing a reliable solution for your applications.

FPG closed Fuseholder

The FPG closed fuseholder is available with IP67 protection and features a compact design. It allows for easy rear mounting, ensuring efficient application.

From EMS Manufacturing to the Solutions Approach

From EMS manufacturing according to ISO 13485 with state-of-the-art machinery to high test competence and box build solutions, we provide a holistic approach. Our range of services covers the entire production chain.

Proven and approved solutions to rely on

SCHURTER components for high-grade medical equipment come into use wherever certified and perfectly safe solutions are in demand. The wide range of safe power supplies and specific user interfaces meet the needs of an exacting market.

Safety is the highest premise in the manufacturing of devices designed to aid in diagnosing, monitoring or treating medical conditions. SCHURTER does not compromise where the wellbeing of patients and personnel is at stake. Our products are specifically designed to meet the high safety standards and quality agreements of the EU, the Americas – and you. As a customer of SCHURTER you can furthermore rely on the long lifespan, a long-term availability and the lot tracking of our products.

Find our entire product range for Medical Equipment In our product catalogue.

Competences and Solutions for Medical Appliances

Safety is our expertise

To make sure electrical devices do not put patients and health-care personnel in danger, a safe power supply is particularly important in medical technology. Long service life, reliability, safety, tight seals, hygiene, simple operation and a high level of functional integration are typical requirements placed on medical electrical equipment. SCHURTER offers components and solutions that meet all these requirements and guarantee a safe, protected power supply.

Innovation for medical technology

SCHURTER aligns its innovations with trends in medical technology, and it supports manufacturers of medical equipment around the world in their developments. Our own research and development departments ensure competent, expert solutions, in particular when it comes to individual customer requirements.

Quality across the entire line

Products and services from SCHURTER meet the highest demands on quality – because SCHURTER uses quality-, environmental- and safety-management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, the Six Sigma method and the EFQM Excellence Model. All products carry country-specific testing labels such as VDE, ENEC, UL and CCC. Further, customers profit from excellent service and short delivery times thanks to a well-organized international network of Group companies and distributors.

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