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Resistive Touchscreens

Tailor made by SCHURTER - from development to serial production

Where touches matter

SCHURTER offers a wide range of standard sensors in 4-, 5-, 8-wire technology and customized sensors to meet application-specific requirements. SCHURTER offers: Standard Resistive Technology, Advanced Resistive Technology, Resistive Touch Controllers.

Benefits of Resistive Touchscreens

The benefits of Resistive Touchscreens from SCHURTER:

  • Qualified technology for a wide range of applications

  • Custom designs and special and optimized types

  • 4-, 5- and 8- wire technologies

  • State-of-the-art production facilities

  • Different surface materials, closed surface

  • Diagonals between 3,5” and 21”

Advanced Resistive Touchscreens - technology overview

LR - Low reflective touchscreen

The reflectivity of this touchscreen is minimized to 1.5% which allows system developers to integrate this panel for outdoor use without rectifying the LCD. 4-, 5- and 8-wire designs are available for this product.

GFG - Glass-Film-Glass Touchscreen

This touchscreen is designed with an anti-scratch touch surface by using thin glass as touch surface, surface hardness can reach 9H or higher than 5 Mohs. It is enhanced with delicate touch control, high temperature resistance, and excellent waterproofing.

TW - Touch Window

A “true flat” frameless touch screen that confers a stylish outline to your product. A décor layer is printed on the top of the touch panel.

FT - Framed Touch

A variation of Touch Window with Film-Glass construction and featuring a smoothed outline.

RMT - Resistive Multi Touch

Resistive Multi-touch screens provide customers with reliability and noise immunity while incorporating multi-point touch operation and gestures.

Technology sheet

Read more about Resistive Touchscreens from SCHURTER in this Technology sheet.

Application areas

The resistive touchscreen technology is available to you as a mature, flexible and cost-effective input technologyfor industrial and medical applications as well as in highly demanding markets:

  • Control & Automation

  • Medical & Laboratory

  • Building Equipment

  • Agriculture & Foresting

  • POS, POI, Kiosk Systems

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