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Capacitive Switches

Elegant and reliable solutions for touchscreens

Capacitive Switch solutions

SCHURTER provides CapKeys which are custom developed, with a modern look and feel and fully meeting the most demanding requirements.

How to explore the world by touching things?

From a young age, we explore the world by touching things and we learn to set things in motion by pushing buttons. Using this knowledge makes our live more comfortable. We learn to make connections with a single touch. Capacitive keys from SCHURTER make it happen!


Capacitive switch solutions

A strong up and coming technology is capacitive sensing. As we getting more and more used to touchscreens behind glass (mobiles, tablets, etc.), switching behind glass attracts the interest of the industry. If one takes into account the possibilities switching behind a cover lens gives, it is clear that capacitive sensing technology is recognized as future proof. With the glass examples we have produced we have demonstrated the following advantages:

  • Easy to clean

  • Highly decorative solutions including full colour printing (both transparent and light blocking)

  • Backlight options

  • Death fond printing options

  • Integration of displays and insert labels behind the glass


One of the essential components within a CapKey solution is the sensor. The sensor can be made of polyester or directly tracked on a PCB. The tracks and layout of the sensor is essential for good functionality. Transparent switch areas are possible with the use of conductive transparent material (ITO). The sensor itself will be laminated behind the chosen cover lens material. Each sensor requires a connection tail made of polyester or Kapton material. As the sensors are made by a screen print process, sensors can be produced in any required size and shape. This will give you similar design freedom as a traditional
membrane switch.


Unlike PCAP touchscreens with limited number of available controllers, there are many different kind of CapKey controllers on the market. SCHURTER has selected, based on experience and knowledge, a preferred list of CapKey controllers. These controllers are from well known manufacturers like Atmel, Microchip, Cypress and Freescale. Each controller has its own unique set of features and specifications. Before we can help you with the design of the correct sensor and selecting the corresponding controller, a decision has to be made of the required features like:

  • Number of keys

  • Sliders 

  • Wheels

This set of features will determine the best suitable controller and the required sensor design. SCHURTER will keep the focus on their core business of producing and assembling the sensors and cover lens. Regarding the controller you can choose the SCHURTER organization to take care of this or we can provide the schematics, BOM and libraries to integrate the CapKey controller onto your own PCB.  Please contact us to learn more how SCHURTER can
help you with the design of the CapKey controller.

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