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Chip fuses

USN 1206 combination fuse for protection against overcurrent and overtemperature

Chip fuses: precise and low-loss

We offer a wide range of high-quality chip fuses. These have been specially developed for precise and low-loss overcurrent protection in secondary circuits. Six different types in chip sizes from 0402 to 1206 guarantee compact and effective protection.

The chip fuses from SCHURTER are available in many nominal current versions from 50 mA to 25 A with a nominal voltage of up to 125 VAC/VDC. Depending on the version and rated voltage, a breaking capacity of up to 600 A reached. These remarkably high values and the wide range of variants of these chip fuses enable a large number of applications. The chip fuses are particularly suitable for mobile and battery-operated devices in sensor technology and industrial electronics.

Our chip fuses

The chip fuses from SCHURTER stand out from comparable products due to their extremely precise tripping times and lowest power losses. Their solid construction also makes them particularly resistant to vibrations and pulse loads. Furthermore, the partially gold-plated SMD contacts have a positive influence on the wettability, storage time and contact quality of the chip fuses.

All chip fuses from SCHURTER have a cURus approval, the USI 1206 additionally and as the only chip fuse on the market also has a VDE approval. Since they are halogen-free and RoHS-compliant, the chip fuses from SCHURTER can also be used for lead-free soldering processes. SCHURTER offers all chip fuses in small, medium and large packaging units and impresses with very attractive prices, especially in the mass market.

Our range

USF 0603

SCHURTER's new ultra small USF 0603 surface mount fuse has highest interrupt rating - Protects against fault conditions up to 50A/32V.

USF 0402

SCHURTER spotlights its smallest fuse for secondary overcurrent protection.

USFF 1206

Fuse, 1206 Footprint, offers low current ratings in compact design.

UST 1206

SCHURTER spotlights first chip fuse in a 1206 package for high current protection up to 25A.

USN 1206

Protection against excessive temperature and overcurrent.


RTS is a particularly compact overtemperature protection device for power semiconductors in SMD technology.

USI 1206

SCHURTER spotlights first IEC compliant chip fuse.

UAI 1206

Chip fuse for highest demands.

Thermal runaway

With a power semiconductor (e.g. MOSFET) the drain-source transmission resistance increases with rising temperatures, when connected, which results in an increasing loss of power in the barrier layer. If the elements are not sufficiently cooled - the high power density permits cooling - the power loss output in the form of heat can no longer be sufficiently dissipated, which also increases the transmission resistance.This process escalates and ultimately leads to destruction of the component.

Patented surface mount thermal fuse to protect against thermal runaway of power semiconductors such as: MOSFET's, IC's, IGBT's, Triac's, SCR's, etc.

Properties and benefits of SCHURTER chip fuses

  • Numerous current ratings from 50 mA to 25 A

  • High rated voltages up to 125 VAC/VDC

  • High breaking capacity of up to 600 A (internal tests)

  • Super-Quick-Acting (FF), Quick-Acting (F) and Time-Lag (T) versions

  • Precise, low loss, resistant to vibrations and pulses

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