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Dual Tip - New 2-Stage Tip Point for Membrane Keypads

SCHURTER is expanding the Keypad Line with a new 2-stage contact technology with separate switching elements. Various configurations of this technology are available to suit any customer specification.

With the click-switch version, contact 1 is closed with no feedback when actuated, whilst contact 2, which is placed underneath, provides a tactile feedback. The use of this dual contact function in a membrane keypad is primarily for applications requiring high-level security, where a second, separate switch, is required for triggering an indirect control command. This construction meets the medical products specification IEC 60601 for the intrinsic safety of devices.

In the double-click versions, both contact 1 and contact 2 provide tactile feedback. This feature is required in applications where operators need to be aware of the dual switching stages. The operator can control two functions e.g. slow/fast or request/confirmation via one tip point and is made aware of the 2 switching points placed one after the other during the actuation. The actuation force can be set differently between the first and the second tip point and can be set individually by the use of different metal domes or stamping matrix of the key tip. The double-click versions are primarily used in automation applications.

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