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EMC filters for DIN rail mounting

SCHURTER expands its filter product portfolio, introducing EMC filters for DIN rail mounting series FMAB-RAIL and FMBB-RAIL for 1-phase systems, FMAC-RAIL for 3-phase-systems and FMAD-RAIL for 3-phase-systems with neutralline.

These new compact EMC filters are especially suited for use on TS35 (EN60715) DIN rails in industrial equipment and control systems. The DIN RAIL fixture and fitting concept facilitates simple and time-saving snap-in of the SCHURTER FMAB-, FMBB-, FMAC- und FMAD-filters

The FMAB-, FMBB-, FMAC- and FMAD-RAIL series possess UL-and ENEC Approvals.

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