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Robust Glass Surface in the new GFG Touch Screen

The GFG (Glass-Film-Glass) touch screen extends the established analogue-resistive touch screen technology with a high-grade design.

With its robust glass surface the touch screen is designed for harsh environmental conditions. The extended temperature scope of the GFG touch screen ranges from -40 °C bis +90 °C. The glass surface guarantees resistance against chemicals and scratches. The GFG touch screen can therefore be used with keys, pens or gloves without causing damage.

A thin top glass is adhesed transparently from end to end onto the ITO covered polyester foil. This results in a strong bind between the glass and the polyester foil. Even in the case of the glass breaking from an extreme force, there are no loose pieces of glass; the splinters remain attached to the adhesive.

Optimal applications for the GFG touch screen include industry automation, mechanical engineering, medical technology, POI / POS, measuring systems, millitary, air travel, food industry, computer and displays.

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