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SCHURTER 2013: Higher earnings with constant sales

In 2013, the SCHURTER Group, which operates in the electronics industry, achieved earnings of CHF 8.9 million. This corresponds to an increase of 19.2 percent over the previous year. This very respectable result, however, is only just short of the record results from the exceptional year of 2000. Meanwhile, sales in 2013 were roughly equivalent.

The SCHURTER Group, with its 17 subsidiaries around the world, was able to increase its earnings in 2013 but not its sales. The latter changed only slightly compared to the previous year, specifically by +0.5 percent to CHF 174.7 million. Sales remained stable, even if the development of business in both divisions was different: A decrease in components of roughly 3.3 percent from CHF 138.2 to CHF 133.7 million compared to growth in the input systems area, which increased from CHF 35.7 to CHF 41.0 million, or 14.8 percent.

In the first four months of the business year SCHURTER achieved sales of CHF 58.8 million; in the second four months CHF 58.3 million, and in the last four months CHF 57.6 million. The third trimester, traditionally the weakest, for this one time remained almost as strong as the other two. This had an extremely positive impact on overall results. In addition, pronounced cost-awareness at all levels contributed to the good results. For instance, cash flow was at 10.2 percent and earnings at CHF 8.9 million above the long-standing target range.

Just as in 2012, currency effects were almost negligible and moved slightly positive at 0.5 percent. The number of employees in the SCHURTER Group increase by almost 2 percent and at the end of 2013 amounted to 1480 people. At CHF 11.1 million, investments in tangible assets increased by 27.1 percent, this based on investments for the modernization of manufacturing machinery.

SCHURTER AG received special recognition in 2013 when it was awarded the Innovation Prize of the Central Switzerland Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This was presented to the company in mid-December 2013 for the successful development and marketing of the MGA-S fuse for the aerospace industry. Almost at the very same time, the unmanned Chinese Chang’e 3 space probe landed on the moon and along with it several hundred units of this fuse.

Furthermore, SCHURTER AG celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2013. Financial independence and stable management are part of the company's recipe for success. They make an ideal base for passing the helm to another generation, which was promoted during 2013. As of January 1, 2015, and after 29 years as CEO of the SCHURTER Group, Hans-Rudolf Schurter will officially hand his office over to Ralph Müller. After careful evaluation, it was thus possible to find an excellent candidate from within the company. Müller has been with SCHURTER AG for ten years, and since 2009 he has been CEO of SCHURTER AG and responsible for managing the Components Division. For the first time in company history, the operative management of the company will be transferred to someone outside the family. Hans-Rudolf Schurter, however, will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

This thus lays the foundation for a successful future for the SCHURTER Group. In addition, the month of March will mark a successful start into 2014 when SCHURTER AG accepts the ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence.

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