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SCHURTER Inc. announces retirement of founder and management changes

SCHURTER Inc, founded in 1982 in Petaluma, California will change management effective July 1, 2015. Bruno H. Schurter, President and CEO will retire after 33 years of heading up the privately held company, which is a subsidiary of SCHURTER Holding AG, founded in 1933 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Diane Cupples, Vice President of Marketing, will assume the position of Chairwoman of the Board, and Leonard Overholser, Vice President of Sales, will take over as President and CEO. Ms. Cupples has been with the company since 1983. Mr. Overholser has been with the company for nearly 20 years.

SCHURTER Inc. prides itself on its socially responsible business conduct. The company is an eight time recipient of Sonoma County’s Best Places to Work. The average employee tenure is 15 years. The company has contributed to the local Sonoma County economy and the electronics industry for over 30 years.


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