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SCHURTER announces its presence in Russia

The Distributors SEA Electronics and FEK Company will newly be responsible for the sales of SCHURTER products in the territories of Russia and the former USSR.

SCHURTER extends its sales activities in Eastern Europe. The integration of the distributors SEA Electronics and FEK Company assures a market presence in Byelorussia, Russia, Lithuania and the Ukraine. The huge potential and the development of their economics will offer a big opportunity to SCHURTER.

The company SEA Electronic is one of the leading sales companies in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Russia. The company was established in Kiev 1990 and opened its own representation office in Moscow in 2000. Further branch offices are oriented to significant industrial towns like Charkov, Doneck, Lvov.

The company FEK Company was established in Minsk (Byelorussia) 1993 and it is one of the leading sales representatives of electro components in Byelorussia and Russia. The company has its own branch offices in Minsk and Mogilevo (Byelorussia), 2 in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia) and Vilnius (Lithuania). Further, the company cooperates with all significant sales representatives in the regions.

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