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maXTouch added to SCHURTER portfolio

SCHURTER proudly announces that our controller portfolio has been widened with the maXTouch controller family from Microchip (previous Atmel).

With offering the maXTouch controller we meet our customers wishes and needs - who often already use Microchip / Atmel components in their applications. SCHURTER can now support the market with the well known maXTouch chip family.

Customer specific or standard - low or high volume

Weather it is a high or low volume project, a standard or customer specific solution, with maXTouch we can meet very detailed specifications. There are almost unlimited possibilities in programming the controller completely to the wish of our customers. Specialists are trained and available at SCHURTER to program the maXTouch chip to the best performance.

Chip on Flex

Having acces to the maXTouch controller family allowed SCHURTER to develop a Chip on Flex solution. A technical development - designing the controller circuitry on the tail of the touch sensor - which has the same features as regular controller on a printen circuit board, but with cost effective and less hardware in a compact build.

Capacitive keys and touchscreens

SCHURTER develops both capacitive keys as capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens with the controllers from Microchip (Atmel). The maXTouch controller family is an extension of our portfolio, next to the solutions we offer from our trusted partners AMT / PenMount and EETI.


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