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SCHURTER maintains a team of EMC specialists that offers a comprehesive, professional measurement service for ensuring effective EMC control.

SCHURTER maintains a team of EMC specialists that offers a comprehesive, professional measurement service for ensuring effective EMC control.

EMC Expertise

Eliminate interference in electrical systems and equipment with optimal EMC solutions

Give our EMC expertise a try! SCHURTER will be pleased to work with you to find the optimal EMC solution for your specific application. On your behalf, we conduct EMC tests, provide interference suppression for your equipment, fabricate specific product samples for you and support your product life cycle from development all the way to series production. In addition to customer-specific products, you can also get a wide selection of standard EMC products from us, as well.

EMC products

Highest quality and absolute reliability – SCHURTER makes this guarantee for every one of its products. State-of-the-art machinery and the latest technical know-how guarantee that we live up to our motto “safe and clean supply of power, while making equipment easy to use.”

Our expertise includes injection molding, metalworking, electroplating, assembly using automated manufacturing systems, casing system design and manufacturing plus the assembly of circuit boards and complete EMC products.

More than 50 engineers, working with the latest tools, are dedicated to the development of products and manufacturing systems. SCHURTER offers its customers a broad range of products for ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

EMC products

SCHURTER's product line includes the following items for eliminating interference in electrical systems:

• Power entry modules with line filters

• 1-phase block filters

• 3-phase block filters

• Chokes

• Customer-specific filters and inductive components


EMC measurement service

SCHURTER maintains a team of EMC specialists that offers a comprehensive, professional measurement service for ensuring effective EMC control.

SCHURTER carries out the necessary preliminary tests of your electrical systems or equipment to determine immunity and emissions. We have four laboratories where we perform our testing services: two in Switzerland (Lucerne and Mendrisio), one in Germany (Endingen) and one in China (Shenzhen). These EMC Competence Centers are equipped with the required test equipment and EMC chambers for measuring conducted emissions. In addition, we work in close cooperation with accredited laboratories around the world.

On-site measurements

Upon request, we provide on-site interference-suppression services on your electrical equipment using our mobile measurement tools. SCHURTER offers a mobile measurement service with all the equipment needed to examine conducted emissions. In this way, various conformity tests can be performed on the systems or equipment to be examined directly on site, at the manufacturer's facility or where the equipment is in operation.

Measuring leakage currents

SCHURTER recommends measuring the leakage current for every newly installed machine during various operating states. For this purpose, we offer measurements with a leakage-current analysis system. Based on test results, we identify excessively high leakage currents as well as their causes and offer suitable corrective actions.


Legislative bodies have established protection requirements which dictate that manufacturers of electrical equipment must ensure EMC compliance through appropriate measures. The limits for interference immunity or emitted interference are established in standards. Within the past few years, these limits and conditions in various countries within Europe have been harmonized with the new EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.

SCHURTER carries out all tests as dictated by the requirements specified in the standards whereby emission tests are possible only in a laboratory (IEC 61000-4-3 and IEC 61000-4-6). If certain measurements are not feasible in our own laboratories we work with partners that can guarantee the same level of quality

Test report for CE conformity

Measurement results are recorded in an EMC test report that provides you with CE proof of conformity for conducted emissions.

Product sample service

To solve special customer tasks, we develop special filter solutions and offer samples including documentation.

Safety is our Business

Innovation and Engineering

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry worldwide. Success for and together with our customers is our permanent incentive. We are accustomed to being innovative to meet challenges in diverse markets. We boldly realize new ideas, and we support and drive forward our R&D teams, each day anew.

Quality across the entire line

Products and services from SCHURTER meet the highest demands on quality – because SCHURTER uses quality-, environmental- and safety-management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, the Six Sigma method and the EFQM Excellence Model. All products carry country-specific testing labels such as VDE, ENEC, UL and CCC. Further, customers profit from excellent service and short delivery times thanks to a well-organized international network of Group companies and distributors.

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