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Ilir Bekteshi

Automation systems installer in training

After one and a half years I have reached precisely the middle of my training period. I am really doing well. I feel good about my work, my team at work and the entire company. Therefore, it is already quite clear to me now that I would like to continue my training and become an automation specialist. Preferably as a SCHURTER employee.

I completed secondary school B in Goldau where I reside. There was also a presentation of the possible training professions there. So I became aware of the automation specialist profession, which is still my long-term objective. But one step at a time. At the moment my entire attention is focused first on the successful training to become an automation systems installer.

During my search I came across the training position at SCHURTER by chance. I didn't know the company. But thanks to the Internet! After a trial day and a brief application interview the telephone call came several weeks later with the good news, "Congratulations, you have the apprenticeship position!" It was an immense relief. It is simply not that easy to find a good training site.

And in this regard I have done well at SCHURTER anyway. I receive excellent mentoring and support, both during the practical activities that belong to my profession and during the school assignments. For example, also during the preparation for the midterm test which counts 25% already toward the final apprenticeship exam. I find everything to be really first-rate. I am treated very respectfully and can always find someone willing to listen when I have questions or need help.

I was entrusted with something from the beginning and soon was given responsibility. I like that, and it keeps me motivated. I was also allowed to participate already with the other SCHURTER apprentices in an apprentice field trip. That is a combination of training and field trip and contributes to people becoming better acquainted with one another.

I also like my job enormously. That also has to do with the team. I am by far the youngest but am totally integrated – I really feel as if I belong to the team. Everything runs smoothly and is going well. For that reason, I am already contemplating possibly remaining at SCHURTER after the apprenticeship is completed and finding a job here.

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