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Hoang Phi Bui

Draftsperson in training

My mother also works at SCHURTER. I worked here during each of my school vacations. My two sisters are draftspersons, so I gained insights into this profession at an early stage – and I liked what I saw. Therefore the choice of a profession and the training company were fairly obvious. Great that it went so well.

Today I don't have any big ideas yet about the time after the apprenticeship. The first objective is to complete the four-year training successfully. Afterwards I will probably take some time to acquire professional experience. Then I will look at where things are going.

With my two sisters I saw what interesting jobs and assignments there are for draftspersons. That fascinated me, and in any case had a decisive impact on my choice of a profession. But: naturally the day-to-day work also consists of less exciting activities, which are also a part of the profession. For example, the preparation of documentation is just plain hard work.

Connectors and cables have long since been invented. Nevertheless, there are still a number of different, customer-specific needs for which I as a draftsperson have to find a solution. The challenge is to fully cover the technical requirements, comply with legal regulations, create an attractive design as well as to enable qualitatively good and, at the same time, cost-effective manufacturing. That also demands specific knowledge of the production possibilities.

Precisely in this regard I benefited at SCHURTER from the initial training year in the in-house training shop, where we dealt extensively with tool manufacturing amongst other things. Overall, I can only praise the outstanding internal support from a professional and scholastic point of view. Anyone who is looking for a diversified training site won’t find any place better than my training company.

From the beginning I have experienced a lot of confidence in my work and respectful treatment during the cooperation. Events such as the Culture Workshop or the activities of the internal apprentice association focus on promoting the sense of community and working together in the company.

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