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Jasmin Meier

Polymechanic in training

Somehow my "Death Metal" t-shirt, which I am wearing today, fits the topic quite well. I am fascinated by it and proud to contribute as a polymechanic to creating a "valuable" tool from a piece of metal. My uncle discovered the talent for this when I was working with him in his private workshop. He motivated me to do this apprenticeship.

As a polymechanic, I am something like a mechanical all-rounder. I like working with metal incredibly well. Previously I also worked in the related professions of draftsperson and plastics technologist on a trial basis. However, I am certain that I made the right decision. Being a polymechanic is my profession! I think working in different professions on a trial basis is extremely important in order to actually find the right profession.

Due to the trial days, but also due to my cousin, who is also a polymechanic, I had a pretty good idea of what this profession is like. The reality that I have experienced every day now in the almost one and a half years at SCHURTER fits it pretty closely. But, quite frankly, everything is definitely more varied than I ever imagined it.

At the moment I am assigned to the CNC machine. If it needs a new tool, that means sitting down, thinking, reflecting and then programming – with the three available axes. That presumes a good capacity for spatial visualization. A computer simulation can help to avoid "gross" errors. Apropos: I think that in my training I compare very well, sometimes a little slow, but accurate and with few errors. I like being confronted now and then with new challenges and thus being able to prove my ability and knowledge. If I had the option, I would rather work manually in the shop than sit in a silent office in seclusion. But both are a part of it, and it is known that variety is the spice of life.

The SCHURTER 5C do not mean a lot to me personally at this point. Not because these management principles are not important. But only that a lot of it is simply a matter of course when dealing with other people and particularly with colleagues at work.

In the vocational school in Emmenbrücke – I still spend one day a week there ever since the third year of training – there are "only" 2 women out of 18 classmates. Polymechanics tend to be men for the most part. With Bernhard Häcki, the head of vocational education at SCHURTER, we apprentices receive absolutely first-rate service. He is willing to listen to all of our big and little worries at any time and always has the right solution on hand. I can only recommend this training company in any case. I like it.

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