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Noël Buob

Surface coater in training

In my free time music has played an important role since the fourth grade already. I have been a saxophonist since then, am now in the youth wind or-chestra of Lucerne. I correctly realized when I began this training that my instrument – just like the countless other objects that I encounter every day – has a surface coating.

Music is a part of our family. My father is a music teacher and trumpet player. He was overjoyed when I recoated the surface of his instrument with gold and silver and enhanced its value as a unique model.

For a long time I didn't know which profession I would like to learn. But chemistry always interested me, even in secondary school. At some time or other, I received a brochure about the apprenticeships and came across surface coater. After further searches on the Internet I was certain: that suits me! I found the training company through the apprenticeship location service (LENA), applied here as well as at one other company, did a trial apprenticeship at both – and, fortunately, received a commitment from SCHURTER.

After one and a half years I know that it was the correct decision. Here the staff is really good for the training; they know something about the matter. Furthermore, being a surface coater is something that everybody doesn't know about nor can do. And: it is a profession with good prospects for the future. My vocational school class in Zürich has only 12 students from throughout German-speaking Switzerland. To date, my expectations with regard to the professional profile and reality are in complete agreement.

At the moment I am working in an "outside" company in Zug. A year ago I spent some time at a company in Littau. At these external locations the aim is to become acquainted with other methods of surface coating. For me that is strong proof that I am actually considered a trainee in my profession by SCHURTER and not primarily as a worker. My boss is a good model for me in the practical work. With him I am "training" an additional two hours every Friday for the school. I am grateful for this valuable support.

The profession – it was previously called a galvanizer – is not without risk. We are working indeed with chemistry. During each individual work step one has to know exactly what one is doing and always protect oneself accordingly. I appreciate that, within reasonable limits, I have been given a lot of responsibility already, and I am already allowed to present my own ideas. For me SCHURTER doesn't have just 5C, but rather 6C – I am experiencing particularly a lot of understanding for the needs of us apprentices. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt: I am learning the right profession at the right company.

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