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DIN rail products

Maximum performance. Minimal installation space.

Standardized space-saving components for your control cabinet

Space-saving standard components , modular design and maximum reliability: our DIN rail products.

Industrial control

Safe automation solutions are based on stable solutions. Flexible and modular power supply systems are also required in the machine cabinet. SCHURTER offers solutions for protection against EMC problems, overcurrent and overvoltage.

This offer is particularly aimed at safety-conscious manufacturers of automation systems who want to equip their power supply systems with integrated safety components for DIN rail mounting.

The equipment of power supply systems has been standardized worldwide with the aim of ensuring high reliability and a worldwide available solution. Users appreciate these requirements for the operational safety of all components and materials. For this purpose, SCHURTER offers certified products based on the IEC standard worldwide and thus also guarantees perfect components for the safe power supply, which have been tested by international approval authorities.

FPBB RAIL DIN rail filter

Filters for DIN rail mounting have been known for some time. It is important to achieve maximum filter performance with minimal installation space. Since the filter for EMC protection of the controller is located very close to the power supply of the device or system, it also makes sense to integrate overcurrent and overvoltage protection here.

The FPBB RAIL was developed precisely to meet these requirements and thus represents a unique concept that combines the expertise of EMC protection with that of overcurrent protection. This makes it possible, to use this filter in an optimal way for space-saving installation in the control cabinet thanks to its compact design.


DIN rail FSO Fuseholder

Touch-safe fuse holder for high-performance fuses in PV systems

Fast DC fuses for rated voltages up to 1000 VDC and a rated current range of 1 A to 30 A are used to protect photovoltaic and similar DC applications. To ensure that they can be replaced safely and easily, an FSO fuseholder for DIN rail mounting has been developed that is protected against accidental contact. The space-saving and simple installation and the easy handling support the maintenance of the systems.

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