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In power distribution strips for 3-phase systems, the individual phases are color-coded

Power Distribution Unit

Standardized, high-quality components are required for the creation of systems in data centers. They need to support an easy and automated assembly process in order to ensure zero defect.

We are a well-known provider of internationally approved IEC appliance connectors and prove ourselves in this market as a competent and reliable partner of connector systems for industrial equipment.  

The equipment of power supply systems have been standardized throughout the world with the aim to guarantee a high level of reliability and globally available solutions. The demands on the operational reliability of all components and materials users will appreciate. The SCHURTER offer is based on the IEC 60320 standard for globally approved products, thus guaranteeing a perfect interaction between devices plugs and sockets, regardless of the selected components.

Light pipes

For some SCHURTER device socket outlets for PDUs, the installation of light pipes is possible.

The light pipes installed in the outlet are designed to channel light coming from LEDs mounted on a printed circuit board to the surface of the outlet. Each outlet generally has its own circuitry and, depending on the complexity of the monitoring system, may require several types of indicating functions. The outlets are capable of providing up to four light pipes, one in each of the four corners of the connector. The side of the outlet with the ground pin provides extra space around the two corners, allowing for the most prominent and thus popular position.

In addition, there is no need for separately installed optical fibers or LEDs which reduces costs.

V-Lock system

The V-Lock cord retention system can be plugged in to IEC 60320 at 10A and 16A.

With V-Lock, the power connector is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a special notch in the inlet on the power cord and thus reliably prevents the cord from being pulled out unintentionally. The advantage of this scheme is that no clamping system specific to a unit’s power inlet or retaining bracket must be adapted and attached. The lock is released by pressing a finger on the disengaging lever. This lever is easily identified due to its bright yellow colour, a feature that also distinguishes this scheme from conventional pluggable power supply systems.

The V-Lock cord retention system prevents unintentional pulling out or loosening of the power cord in a simple way.


Selected products

First 400 VDC coupler system according to IEC

With the GP21 plug connector and the GS21 socket-outlet, SCHURTER launches the world's first UL approved IEC TS 62735-1 standardized DC coupler system designed to enable efficient DC power distribution in data centre power distribution strips and UPS.

IEC Outlet with IDC Terminals

IEC appliance outlet 4710 with insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals. The new outlet provides increased power ratings for heavier duty PDU applications.

IEC socket blocks for device installation

SCHURTER presents a particularly efficient solution for power distribution strips and uninterruptible power supplies with the prewired blocks of IEC appliance sockets of the 4751 series.

4710-5: 16A IEC appliance outlet for intelligent PDUs

With the appliance outlets of the 4710-5 series, SCHURTER launches the logical evolutionary stage to the successful 4710 - with a clear plus in functionality for status display.

Series 4750: IEC strip-block Type F

Strip Block for Snap-in Mounting with up to 7 IEC Appliance Outlets F.

Appliance Outlet 6610

SCHURTER is expanding the 6610 series with a version for conductor cross sections of 14 AWG/15 mm2. The device socket with IDC connections has proved its worth in applications such as power distribution units.

Perfect load balancing in PDUs

In addition to1-phase systems, 3-phase systems are also used in many places in industry and commerce. They often offer decisive advantages. It is important to ensure safe load balancing in order to prevent overloads.

Distribution Units

IEC Power distribution units from SCHURTER meet international safety standards, according to IEC, and CSA where applicable. Available current ratings range from 2.5 Amps to 20 Amps.

High availability and reliability are essential in our business. In SCHURTER, we have a long-term partner, on which we can rely.

Adrian Riedo | Founder and CEO | Riedo Networks LTD

IDC connectors

IDC plug connectors are so-called insulation displacement connections. The insulated conductor is pressed into the insulation clamp without prior confection. The insulation is cut at the terminal and the electrical connection is ensured by means of the clamping connection to the wire. For a perfect connection the conductor cross-sections from the data sheet have to be taken into account accordingly.

IDC connectors have proven their worth in many applications (e.g., power distribution units). Due to this connection technology, the wiring effort is significantly reduced and the contacting is very reliable.


Overcurrent protection and colour coding

A primary fuse on the respective phase ensures that the permissible supply capacity of 2.5 kW, for example, is not exceeded. Likewise, an overload of modern power distribution strips can be avoided with multiple IEC outlets can be prevented by blocking unused outlets with protective caps known as Tamper Resistant Outlet Locks.

Power distribution strips in 3-phase systems are ideal for color-coding the individual phases. Various IEC sockets of SCHURTER types J and F are therefore no longer only available in black, but also in white and grey. In the often poorly lit server and control cabinets of a data center, this makes it easier to visually distinguish the individual phases.

Color coding for three phase net

Safety is our business

Innovation and engineering

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems, and EMC products as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry worldwide. Success for and together with our customers is our permanent incentive. We are accustomed to being innovative to meet challenges in diverse markets. We boldly realize new ideas, and we support and drive forward our R&D teams, each day anew.

Quality across the entire line

Products and services from SCHURTER meet the highest demands on quality – because SCHURTER uses quality-, environmental- and safety management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, the Six Sigma method, and the EFQM Excellence Model. All products carry country-specific testing labels such as VDE, ENEC, UL, and CCC. Further, customers profit from excellent service and short delivery times thanks to a well-organized international network of Group companies and distributors.

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